Nintendo Recruiting Someone Experienced In Game Engines Such As Unreal Engine 4

While this shouldn’t be seen as confirmation that the forthcoming Nintendo NX will support Unreal Engine 4, a recent Software Engineer job position within Nintendo states that the company is looking for someone with experience with existing video game engines such as the state of the art Unreal Engine 4. Here’s the job listing details.

We are seeking an engineer to join a team responsible for design, development, debug and delivery of system drivers and tools for Nintendo gaming systems. The successful candidate will be a high-energy problem-solver with a passion for excellence and a proven track record. We are looking for people who are excellent team players, and who also work well on individual assignments. In addition, the successful candidate will be a high-energy problem-solver with a passion for excellence. An interest in system software is essential. In this position, the engineer will receive a very rewarding experience working with key technologies for gaming systems.
  • BS or MS in related field (MS preferred)
  • Excellent programming skills and knowledge of C
  • Excellent software design, problem solving and debugging skills
  • OpenGL or DirectX programming recommended
  • Familiarity with existing game engines (such as UE4) is a plus


Thanks, N-Dub Nation


    1. If Federation Force is somehow successful, expect Metroid 5 to have cute little chibi Samus and cute chibi Metroids and cute chibi Ridley. :/

      1. ||It will fail tremendously and I’ll be there on top of the unbought garbage stomping them to oblivion…||

  1. Supported on Windows, Linux, OS X, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Android…

    So this means that the NX will be on par with the Xbox One and PS4… Underpowered confirmed at this point.

    NX is doomed!!

    1. @mrgamercock64 Either you’re trolling like an idiot or just mentally ill? Give it a break, will ya? You have no fucking clue what the Nintendo NX does.

        1. Calm down, children. *pats their heads while saying this next part in a whisper* You are both doomed…

  2. It doesn’t mean that at all. Is Unreal Engine 5 out yet? I swear you trolls are ignorant as fuck…….GODDAMN!!!! SMH

      1. Oh I know UE5 isn’t out yet, I was just responding to that ignorant troll mrgamerclock64 who said the NX would fail because he assumes it will be only on par with current gen consoles because it’ll be using UE4. It isn’t like UE5 is around the corner or something

  3. i think there are talking about looking for someone who has more experience for nintendo hardware and see if the person knows any better from there knowledge.

    1. Just kidding hollow, being on gaming industry would be a dream come true for you, right?

        1. Just remember that videogames are entertainment, entertainment is inclusive.
          This field is hard for me (not talking about my friends) because it is so difficult to please everybody, one thing that i admire about iwata is how he tried to transform videogames into something that everybody could enjoy and ironically people bashed him because of that, he understood what is entertainment but sadly he gave the back to their fan base. A friend of mine lost his arm and the Wii helped him to overcome his depression, how could it be bad! Iwata helped million of people with disabilities to enjoy videogames, that was inspiring.
          I wanted to be a game designer but after seeing that nonsense war between fans i decided not to, if you are going to be at this industry try to be original no matter what and maybe as iwata you could end helping people (it’s cheesy but anyway)
          By the way, just because i admire IATA because of that it doesn’t mean i agreed with some of his choices but let’s remember him for his good actions.

  4. Excellent team players, you say? Oh you mean like Sakurai the Work Hog? Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

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