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Video: New Footage of Fast Racing Neo DLC

When Fast Racing Neo was released for Wii U last December, it was hailed as a spiritual sequel to Nintendo’s F-Zero franchise. The fast paced, zero gravity racing was certainly inspired by the classic Nintendo series. Fans of the game will be pleased to hear that a DLC pack is racing its way into Fast Racing Neo later this year. At Gamescom, IGN was able to get their hands on the tracks included in the Neo Future pack. Luckily for us, they have kindly posted a video of the awesome new courses in action.

19 thoughts on “Video: New Footage of Fast Racing Neo DLC”

  1. Man, I’m totally looking forward to this. I dunno what it is about this game but it’s so intense that it keeps me excited all the way to the end.

  2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Give the Shin’en Tribe to make Metroid on our handheld division, at least they will give it true justice…||

    1. Or they’ll give us a racing game. Although, a Metroid themed racing game would be a vast improvement over FedshitForce.

      1. Fedshitforce has been getting good reviews outside of ign. Game explain and Nintendo life said it was really good.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||Nintendo Enthusiast gave it 4.5/10 and the only one that got most things right…||

      1. Disagree completely, fast racing neo’s tracks are great, it isn’t a game with any type of story or established universe, just meant to be a futuristic racer and delivers. This could of been a 60 dollar game and it would of been worth it in my eyes, beats the living shit out of a lot of games nintendo has thrown out the door this generation. I would want to see what they could do with a large project and IP handed to them, I think they have earned a shot. Though not sure where exactly this company stands with nintendo, whether they just fund games for nintendo platforms or if they are owned by nintendo to some degree. I hope america gets this on disc I want a physical copy

        1. I’m talking about concept art and designs. They only know how to do futuristic machinery, if the Iridion, FAST and Nano games are anything to go by. I don’t expect them to be able to flesh out an entire ecosystem with its own wildlife and lore, like Metroid requires. They’re great at handling arcade-like gameplay, but making a game like Metroid requires a different kind of talent altogether. Same reason why you wouldn’t give The Legend of Zelda to Harada, it just makes no sense.

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||Most levels in the Nano Assault games are ecosystems and they look great, I don’t know what you’re talking about…||

            ||Besides, I doubt they would be that stupid by not respecting Metroid, even their current speciality art is far better than anything the FF virus is…||

              1. Same. I’m getting the physical copy so I can take the digital version off and free up my memory. I don’t mind having to do all the grand prix cups again if it means going physical.

                1. Unless Nintendo was being retarded with the Wii U’s save data, you should be able to use the same save data for both the physical & digital purchases.

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