Japan: Here’s A Closer Look At The New Nintendo 2DS Colours

In case you missed it, some brand new Nintendo 2DS colours were announced this week for Japan. There’s five different ones in total ranging from a rather cool black version to a lavender coloured one. Amazon Japan has the products listed along with some images of the budget priced system. You can check them out in the image gallery, below.

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    1. I mean hey that inferior hardware is actually selling compared to it’s home console brethren. So it’s gotta be doing some right with it’s inferiority.

        1. ||Considering you’re another unoriginal copycat with inferior systems in every way, you are obsolete by default and completely irrelevant…||

          ||My logic is undeniable…||

          1. | |Sir, a baked potato with a headphone jack would make Nintendo’s current hardware. To say that the glory of a pc is infererior is a rathet large error on your part. If nintendo were to relinquish the shackles of console peseantry they would be far better off with the ability to focus on software, which is clearly their strong suit. | |

            | | I regret to inform you that is my logic that is undeniable | |

              1. | | Neither. I happen to own Nintendo’s consoles due to my enjoyment of their exclusives, but I would much prefer that they be moved to a platform that would allow their games to flourish with higher power, and also to allow Nintendo to stop giving us crap like federation force whilst they save the actually good games for the tech they are currently developing | |

      1. It sells because the parents can’t afford the “new Nintendo 3DSXL” and plays all the same games except for a handful where you need to get the “Nintendo 3DS and controller attachment thingy that was over priced and sold out” which woukd cost yoh hundreds of dollars instead of these delightful packaged deals where they get everything we got from the Wii U while the Wii U has been abandoned.

  1. ugh just got a blue 2ds from Toys R Us for $69.99 w/Mario Kart for my 6 y/o. She really wanted pink and I insisted they didn’t make that color. It’ll probably sell out anyway and be more expensive so….

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