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Shovel Knight’s “Huge” Specter Of Torment Expansion Will Launch In Spring 2017

Shovel Knight players will be able to get their hands on the retro-inspired platformer’s second expansion next year. Yacht Club Games has confirmed that the Specter of Torment add-on will be available in the spring of 2017. According to the developer, it is a “huge game” and consists of even more new content than Plague of Shadows, which was released nearly a year ago. Other details regarding the upcoming expansion will be announced at a later date.



29 thoughts on “Shovel Knight’s “Huge” Specter Of Torment Expansion Will Launch In Spring 2017”

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  2. For those who haven’t played it, I promise it’s not nostalgia (at least for me). I freaking loved that game. I never thought I’d be so stoked for this expansion, but I REALLY am.

  3. Please, if you’ve been living under a rock and you haven’t messed with this game yet, get out from under that rock, get to the store, and buy Shovel Knight. This game is gold and the fact that it was released about two years ago and yet they’re still coming out with massive FREE expansion packs that just capitalize on the fun of this game is amazing. The Indie developers at Yacht Club Games are some of the nicest, most generous game developers out there, giving us more and more free content even though we’d be perfectly happy paying more money for it. Love this game, love the developers, and I can’t wait to play Specter of Torment!

    1. I’m even going to buy the amiibo and replay the game before this expansion releases. I used to think amiibos are dumb, but now I think they’re awesome. I hear that the Shovel Knight amiibo is one of the best additions to a game out there.

      1. So worth it, brother! The Amiibo changes the way you collect items and power ups, adds new ones and changes some of the game play mechanics. It’s the most thought out and dynamic use of Amiibo for any game out there. Plus they were nice enough to NOT put that stupid sensor blocker in the bottom of the package, so you can use it without opening it, a nice touch for people who like ‘mint in box’ collectables.

  4. Those still on the fence, get off of it and get Shovel Knight- not only is it a love letter to the 8-bit games of lore, but it’s very damn good in its own right. You don’t have to have grown up playing the NES to like this one.

    I loved the original campaign and Plague, so I am very much looking forward to this.

    1. You don’t know what you’re missing Shovel Knight Is amazing not everygame has to have graphics as strong as a polished turd. Stop being a graphics whore! Graphics don’t make a game it’s all down to storyline! A game could look basic as heck but have a great story or polished turd graphics and a crap story.

      1. I generally don’t care about graphics, but I will care if it has an effect on my enjoyment of a game. I don’t need top-end graphics (I play mostly Nintendo games for crying out loud) but I at least need something competent.

        1. Well, I can tell you without adoubt Greg that you won’t be disapointed if you play it. I got it for 3ds and my Wii U and the game is amazing

            1. It’s easily one of the best video games to have come out for the 3DS, the story is epic, the dialog is fun, the game play is challenging. IDK. Seems you have your mind made up. It surpasses the recent “Nintendo Quality” games. How do you think it became a rare, non-nintendo Amiibo? Even Nintendo do had to give Shovel Knight a place among the greats.

              These developers are creative, funny, romantic, love games and what they have meant to gamers.

              Whatever soul Nintendo has sold to the Profit-Devil, these guys make up for and then some. Playing Shovel Knight totally pulled me back into Gaming.

        2. Is your problem with the graphics or with the gameplay? I’ve found that when you’re playing a platformer, the graphics have very little effect on the overall game. I would take Super Mario World over New Super Mario Bros. any day of the week. A lot of people simply aren’t into platformers though.

          I had the same exact impression as you when the game came out. The idea of a knight with a shovel sounded stupid and I took this as another act of an indie dev flooding the market with a low quality game. It took me a year to actually buy the game and I haven’t looked back.

        3. The graphics in this game are amazing. Specs-wise, yes, it’s 8-bit, but artistically, this game has some of the most beautiful graphics I’ve seen.

            1. It uses an 8-bit color palette, but the game could never have been run on an actual 8-bit system. The sprites are too complex and made up of too many individual colors, the animations are too advanced, and the parallax scrolling and other graphical effects are beyond the NES’s capabilities.

  5. Don’t sleep on this game. It’s pretty fun, and these free expansions are practically like an entirely new game. Definitely worth your time if you haven’t tried this yet. Especially if you like any if the big games from the NES, SNES era. I got the game on Wii U day 1, and picked up the amiibo when I could as well. I’m a fan of Yacht Club Games in general now, can’t wait to see what’s next from them.

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