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NA: You Can Now Get Magearna In Pokémon Sun & Moon With This QR Code

The steel and fairy type Pokémon Magearna is now available for North American trainers in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Unlike previous methods of distribution, such as download codes or via the Mystery Gift option, this event Pokémon is available via a QR code. Here it is below:


It is worth noting you need to have completed the main story to be able to get Magearna, but there is no time limit on this event so there’s still plenty of time. Here are the steps from the Pokémon website:

  1. Complete the main story
  2. Choose the QR Scanner function
  3. Line up the QR code for Magearna while pressing the R Button
  4. Visit the deliveryman at the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau’oli City to get Magearna
  5. Be sure to save your game!

The code was released on the US Pokémon website today, and will be coming to Europe and the rest of the world soon. We will keep you posted once it’s available elsewhere.

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  1. well i’m gonna have to beat the main game, i’m barely on the 3rd island so it is gonna take some time mainly because of work gets in the way of playing and yes i would rather keep my job. if there is no time limit then its good but i took a screenshot on my pc just in case i cannot find this article in the near future.

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