Konami Has Sent A Cease & Desist To The Developer Of A Unreal Engine Remake Of Castlevania NES

Castlevania: Remade in Unreal is a Castlevania fan game that planned to remake all of the NES Castlevania with the Unreal Engine. production on it has stopped due to a cease and desist order from Konami. Dejawolfs, the developer, has announced that all updates and production of the game were ordered to stop. Dejawolfs also said that they have been allowed to keep the files for now, and Dejawolfs is still hopeful that development can continue in the future. He says that he’s talking to someone from Konami UK about acquiring an official license. That way, he can continue to work on the game.



    1. Are you surprised? They can’t even properly manage their Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. If Konami created a Yu-Gi-Oh game similar in style to the new PokΓ©mon ones, where each duel takes place on a 3D field with a rotating camera and full 3D models of the monsters, spells and traps (just like on the anime TV show), it would be a huge hit, revitalizing the franchise as a whole, which frankly has been on the decline ever since The CW dropped their Saturday morning 4Kids/Vortexx line-up. Heck, even if Konami created a Yu-Gi-Oh game taking full advantage of Playstation VR or some other VR device, it would result in a massive popularity boost. The technology exists to create something akin to Yuma’s “Duel Gazer”, but again, just like creating a proper Yu-Gi-Oh video game, Konami is refusing to take advantage of what they can do with a well-known franchise to bring it back into the limelight. Combine that with all of the other poor decisions they’ve been making recently, and you begin to realize how incompetent they are.

      1. Frankly they don’t give a shit about console games anymore or their IPs, except for the ability to farm them in mobile games and Pachinko parlors. They care more about Casino slot machines then they do about any home game system.

      1. And the presidency will only get worse from there if we look at our future candidates.

        A fucking comedian (Chris Rock), a retired wrestler (Dwayne Johnson), a R&B singer with a huge ego (Kanye West), an annoying pop star (Katie Perry), and an actor that knows damn well that acting in Hellboy III would be better than trying to run for president (Ron Perlman).

        I fear for this country’s future if Trump’s victory opened the gate for bottom of the barrel candidates like this…

        1. And what would these particular celebs do to change the nation? Nothing because they are caught up with expanding their careers and publicity when they’ve already have them in the first place.

          At least it’s not Miley Cyrus wanting to do this.

        2. I highly doubt the issue with Hellboy 3 is on Ron Perlman.

          Anyway, I’d vote for The Rock if his plans are sound. I mean, one of our best presidents (Ronald Reagan) was an actor, after all.

    1. Get it back? It was never Sonys to begin with!!
      I mean, i realize Konami fucking sucks, but it really never was Sonys…
      I do wish Konami would fucking drop dead as a company though.

  1. All the people in this comment section here are idiots! Do a reality check guys! Copyright laws are a good thing! They protect your intellectual property. It’s good that some random developers don’t have the right to steal a game and publish it themselfs. It’s good to know that I can sue enyone of you morons here if you’d try to steal something I created. On the other hand, you are never going to create anything of worth in your entire life, that’s why you don’t care for those laws and instead get pissed that you can’t play those games for free.

      1. People like you and deathchrisb are the true idiots here. You act as if fair use doesn’t exist / as if it’s an evil thing. What this guy did however was not fair use. What I find even funnier is that while you think nobody here will create anything worthwhile in their lifetime, chances are, neither have you, nor will you ever, acting all high and mighty when you have no right to.

        Furthermore. People’s attitude towards Konami is mostly fueled by their poor decisions in the past and their corporate culture as revealed by interviews from previous articles and on other websites.

        1. It belongs to them you maroon. This is no different than any other case of someone using materials not created by them. It’s theft and you’re only bullshitting yourself. So give it a rest already chief. As someone who participates in making art in all forms, I can say that I, in fact have created something that caused great joy to the person who received it.

          Also, you’ve got your facts all muddled up, I never said that the people here are talentless, simply agreeing about the ownership of created property. In this case, a videogame that WAS NOT created by the person in question. Besides the fact that you read off as fairly roughed up over a wasted videogame. I’m having a hard time seeing what exactly your issue.

          If he did in fact create the materials in question, then this is all rather redundant is it not?

          Feel free to get back at me bro.

        2. ||You practically only agreed with them both, going by either your poor grammar or ill thought sentences…||

    1. It’s not like everyone isn’t aware of where fan made games come from, and when they are made they aren’t charging anyone for them. It’s just like creating fan art of your favorite ips, but instead of illustrations it’s programming! I guess the next thing to do is to go to deviant art and shut that down as well, if we are going by your logic. If they aren’t asking for money and are giving it away for free than maybe konami should have gotten off their greedy asses and met demand with some supplies by making a real fucking game then. This is konami we’re talking about after all, fuck them, they aren’t humans given their recent past.

      1. It wouldn’t be so bad, but they were remaking Konami’s games with a better engine. Not a ‘fan game’ but a version of a game that was already made and copyrighted. Otherwise, I do feel that some fan remakes and fan games should have been purchased or peacefully acquired and officially released, like how Mega Man Vs. Street Fighter was. AM2R would have been great on a Nintendo system, it was definitely Nintendo quality.

    2. I actually have a different look at copyright and patent law, although yes, people are being idiots.

      Of course they were going to make him to take down his game, or stop making it, because at this point, with Castlevania being a “relatively” young IP, to have others infringe on their lawful ownership of the franchise would be stupid for Konami and they should therefore be the only ones able to do so.

      It makes sense.

      However, ethically, I think copyright law and patent law can outlive its usefulness, especially when certain intellectual property becomes ingrained in the culture.

      No matter the story or the character, companies or people should not be able to hold on to those sole rights of IP for as long as they do and continually getting extensions on that sole legal right like Disney has with their characters. That is where it becomes bullshit.

      For example, if someone else can make a better Batman movie or cartoon or video game, they should be able to. Batman belongs to the culture now. It belongs to us. And the only thing that should get in the way of me writing my own Batman movie or story is whether I have the talent to do so and the market will dictate who should profit the most off of it.

      Copyright and Patent law can help in the beginning, especially for the “little guy” to get a foot hold in the marketplace, but at some point, those rights need to be relinquished as corporations and such have monopolized ideas that we all share in and that are no more that company’s than our own.

      At this point though, Castlevania is not such a thing.

      1. I concur.
        What copyright defenders don’t seem to understand is its a matter of timing as to whether it’s stealing or not.
        That’s why nobody can cash in on classical music from Bach and Beethoven. In addition, your rights should expire if you don’t renew or don’t use the IP.
        Castlevania doesn’t apply here, but it’s not as black n white as people think.

        1. Definitely. I have a peripheral background in IP and patent law and I really object to its use on the whole. It was put in place to protect the little guy from big companies or anyone that might negate his ability to cash in on his idea or invention, but has now turned into a shield for big corporations to tighten their squeeze on the market.

          Whatever… I am not going to change anything, but freeing the ideas would push people further and I think copyrights and patents are now holding us back the way they are used.

    3. Still doesn’t change the fact that Konami are a bunch of assholes, whether or not they were acting within reason in this situation.

  2. Glad the guy is looking to acquire a license. I hope he’s successful in his endeavor. Would be nice to see other companies take a page from SEGA’s recent direction.

  3. I don’t understand why people spend their time in things like this instead of making an original. You would think that anyone smart enough to be a game developer would know they are going to get shut down by the rightful IP owner.

      1. Then make a similar IP of their own. Use your own assets and character and level designs. When Virgil Games made Darksiders they loved Zelda but they made their own game instead of trying to just copy their loved of game.

  4. I guess the holiday season is no exception for the devils at Konami.

    But I do sympathize for all the Metal Gear fans, who had to watch their franchise turn into a pachinko machine.

    I just hope for the Castlevania fans’ sake that Bloodstained doesn’t become the next Mighty No. 9.

  5. In general I actually can understand this. I mean, they own a brand and others are using that brand to gain popularity. It doesn’t really matter if they do it for fun’s or fandoms’s sake. If Konami (or any other company acting like that) would allow this, then one day someone could just try to make money with a project like this. And as long as The whole Castlevania Brand doesn’t run under some Creative Commons License, it just can’t work like that.

    That being said, I’m really wondering, why companies like Nintendo or Konami are letting that huge potential and interest in creating contents for them just go or why they’re even actively blocking it. If I where Nintendo (haha, there it goes) I would’ve already understand how much potential there is hidden in all of these Unreal 4-demos of Nintendo games. Why not initiating a program motivating young developers and students to work together on something that could work out like a huge patchwork of demo-environments like these under a Nintendo license? Nintendo could still grab most profits and the devs would also earn something plus gain some major reputation. And even if there wouldn’t be that many ppl buying this (if it would look as good as some of these demos do, I guess there’d be enough) those devs would be doing it for Nintendo-brandlove anyways. Plus Nintendo wouldn’t have to really do so much about this. Before Nintendo wastes huge amoung of energy in creating downloadable Switch mini-games no one needs, I’d really love seeing them doing something like that.

  6. I forget who it was (maybe Blizzard?) But didn’t one company here in America actually hire some programmers who made a fan game? I remember hearing about that somewhere.

    1. I think Valve hired the guys that made Black Mesa, a Half Life 1 remake that started out as a mod or something like that.

  7. You forgot to mention that the “studio” in question is just one or two guys who had a failed kickstarter to make this remake for less than $75,000 with which they would have used to purchase the rights to make a Castlevania 1 remake.

    I’m only surprised they weren’t hit with anything until now.

  8. “He says that he’s talking to someone from Konami UK about acquiring an official license. That way, he can continue to work on the game.”

    This was the right decision to make! If he get permission then this project is no longer illegal and everyone will be happy! But we all know that’s not going to happen :(

  9. Good luck but I doubt Konami will give him a license to make this official. If they do, they probably won’t give him too much of the profits from the game selling if they give him any at all.

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