Destructoid Awarded Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Their Wii U Game Of 2016

It was, for the most part, a quiet year for the Wii U. But Destructoid still had high praise for what they consider to be the Wii U game of 2016, which was Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. They explained that “whis was the year that gave us an Atlus-developed, idol-centric JRPG that not only brought the storied Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem franchises together under one roof, but did so successfully. It was a feat worth commending with top honors, I felt, and my fellow Destructoid staffers tended to agree. That’s why we named Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE our favorite Wii U game of 2016. In the words of Chris, ‘this is a very Japanese game.’ And thank goodness for that!”


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        1. I’m sick of people saying censorship has zero impact on the important parts of the game.

          Up until Radiant Dawn, Fire Emblem games were censored in difficulty, with the localized version being easier than the Japanese version by removing the higher difficulty options and creating an even easier one, meaning Western players couldn’t even challenge a higher difficulty setting even after completing the game!

          And more recently, in Fire Emblem Fates, they removed a petting mini game that has actual effects on gameplay by altering status and relationships between the characters!

          And finally, in TMS#FE, the censorship made sure Western gamers wouldn’t be allowed to get a whole package of DLC containing more story, gameplay and costumes for the characters!

          Yes, those censorships do have an effect on important parts of the game and bring down the overall experience you would otherwise have!

          1. I’m sick of people like you boo hooing over Censorship. I hate Censorship we all do but like it or not it’s here to stay but do you think I’m going to let it ruin my enjoyment of a game? no.

            I don’t get why others like you can’t do the same either and please don’t start giving me a lecture about sending publishers/devs a message because I’ve heard all that a million times already.

            1. It’s because I work hard for my money, and I’m not going to spend it on something I don’t consider worth it. A game that has suffered censorship isn’t worth a single penny by my standards!

              You may think otherwise, but again, everyone can have their own opinion and there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is you trying to dismiss other people’s stance on the subject simply because you disagree with them.

              Besides, it’s only here to stay as long as it’s profitable! If companies stop getting money from their censored products, they’ll stop censoring it! The more censored products you buy, the more you enforce it, so you’re part of the problem!

        2. Of course, because the alterations done to chapter 2 totally don’t make the plot for chapter 4 feel retarded.

      1. There’s a patch that removes the censorship. It reverts the whole game to it’s original Japanese production.

        1. And all you need to do is hack your Wii U.
          I’m sick of mollycoddled first world shits like you telling people who’d rather not ruin their hard earned stuff to “get over it”.

    1. There was only like 5 good wiiu games that came out this year,color splsh wasnt that good, and twilight princess isnt even a wiiu game.

    2. This game was leagues better, and more importantly more original, than either of those other games. In a very sparse year, this was an absolute gem- don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

  1. To be fair though, no one else really put anything on the Wii U this year (the only two other games I can think of are Star Fox Zero and Paper Mario Color Splash, but both suffer from extreme mediocrity), so choice was ridiculously limited.

    1. Color spalsh is medioce, starfox is good with some issues, tokyo mirage sessions is a legitimatly good jrpg, despite what a bunch of 12 yearolds who beat off to underaged anime girls would tell you.

      1. Opinions, man, opinions. I have SF Zero, bought it day 1, and its controls are so wonky it sets the game back so bad.

        I like several RPGs, but TMS doesn’t look like one I would enjoy.

  2. Color Trash was shit, Mario & Sonic are shovelware, Twlight Princess HD is decent, Star Fox Zero had the Miyamoto treatment, and Pokken was boring.

    That still doesn’t mean TMS is better than half of these games. This was clearly bias on their part.

    1. Would you rather them give that award to Pokken Tournament or Twilight Princess HD instead?

      As much as I’m glad for TMS, those two games would have been popular enough to win easily. Destructoid is entitled to their own opinion.

      1. The fact that Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE isn’t a super popular Wii U title and my suspicions are high about the community voting for it. Where were these people when the game had bombed?

        Twilight Princess HD or even Pokken could have won because those games are far more popular amongst a hardcore audience than a niche crossover spinoff. Hell, even Star Fox Zero could have won because it was the highlight for a rather mediocre E3 last year that was heavily anticipated until reviews dropped in. They probably made it the winner on purpose just to have its name in the headlines for last minute sales.

        1. Just because a game didn’t dell so well doesn’t mean it isn’t very good.

          This is a basically like a hidden gem, a genuinely good jrpg and my opinion it deserves this win, at least against that competition.

  3. I had forgot about this game honestly. I really enjoyed paper Mario tho so that’s my game for the year. Many people are complaining about it but I think the levels, puzzles and variety are brilliant and very creative. The fight system is crappy but not sticker star crappy. For people to say it’s mediocre is pushing it in my book it’s really well made despite the flawed battle system. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion

  4. They should just expect the audience to be mature enough for games like this, and the the things censored aren’t even that bad in the first place

  5. I was excited for this game, but it ended up being a big disappointment to me. My favorite Wii U game this year is definitely Star Fox. It’s a lot of fun once you master the controls.

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  7. I’m playing this game right now and i gotta say, it’s really good. Also, having a good laugh here reading half of these comments. People crying like 13 year old because of the censorship. Just go watch hentai. Also, many people here whining because Star Fox or Color Splash didn’t win.
    Star Fox Zero is the worst Wii U game because of its bizarre control scheme. Play the demo and see for yourself. Color Splash it’s a semi RPG game from a franchise that’s more and more becoming a shadow of its former self. Both games aren’t nearly as good as TMS. Also TP HD couldn’t really win since it was a remaster.
    This game has a really good turn-based battle gameplay, good graphics, interesting characters and a lot of content. Since this game pretty much will become forgotten, it’s fair to at least give it some credit. I loved TP HD but this game impressed me in a way i wasn’t expecting. The most decent JRPG i played this whole year.

    1. Funny, I laugh at stupid dicks like you who can’t argue without strawmen.
      Next time consider that the people complaining about the alterations done to the story, that damage Tsubasa’s characterization the further you play, aren’t exactly interested in seeing her tits but in having her be less of an inconsistent piece of shit.

  8. Not having ever seen the full title of this game in acronym form, this is the first time I realized that Tokyo Mirage Sessions, by first letter, is Shin Megami Tensei backwards.

  9. I’ve been considering getting this.
    Though I think some of the censorship is odd and inappropriate considering that it’s to be more appropriate to American culture yet this is a game that clearly only Japanese culture enthusiasts would buy, they even acknowledged this fact in their decision to keep the voice language in Japanese despite re recording a lot of lines.

    It’s like an authentic Japanese restaurant serving Texas BBQ ribs, brisket, hotdogs, burgers and pizza

  10. This game was ruined by censorship & being the complete opposite to what the initial teaser trailer suggested it would be. From what I understand, it looks nothing like the Shin Megami Tensei games & was just way too Persona-ish. Whatever. If region locking isn’t a thing on Switch, NoA & their shitty Treehouse can censor whatever the fuck they want. We’ll just use our money to import from a country that isn’t censoring shit.

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