The Metro, which is a popular free newspaper in London UK, has printed the pricing of the Nintendo Switch ahead of the official reveal event on January 12th. The paper says that the device will cost £245 when it becomes available March 17th. It’s not clear where the paper received its information from, but print publications occasionally have information ahead of time. We shall find out the official pricing and release date for the platform next week.



  1. Everyone wants a super low price. I’d rather pay a little more for a more powerful offering from Nintendo. Cause if it’s super cheap and is portable, etc. it’ll probably be a bit weaker and sooner or later we may be in the same situation with 3rd parties that we’ve been in since Wii honestly. That said if it somehow becomes a trend/hot item like the Wii then I suppose it won’t matter if it’s super underpowered.

    Idk, I have other consoles, I just want Nintendo to succeed. Either way I guess we’ll find out next week.

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  2. I cant afford 245. 199 and i’ll pre order straight after the announcement. Psyched! We all know its the sweet spot. The Wii was 179.99 and the DS was 99! No wonder they sold so well. Surely with £199 they can balance the need for modernish tech and a mass adoptable price point? Do it Nintendo!


  3. The Metro is a free paper they give out at almost every station in London. There are guys handing it out every morning at my tube stop, at the entrance/exits.

    I wouldn’t get excited by this at all guys. It’s not a national paper, or flagship, or even paid. It’s likely just based on a few internet searches and the need to fill some space before the print deadline!

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  4. Its still not really powerful enough, the big game making companies wont want to make software for it, the main problem that haunted the WII U will continue to haunt the switch, Nintendo already has popular portable hardware, Nintendo should have focused on a 4k console, failing that, maybe concentrate on making some of their own great titles, Zelda, Mario & Mariokart, Meteriod, Pokémon etc bigger better and released on to the other platforms, XBOX, PS4 and even PC and Mac, I feel like the Nintendo of the 80’s & 90’s that I grew up with and loved is starting to fade away, gamers want great games more than they want gimmicks!!


    • And great games aren’t predicated on superficial hi-fi and/or pseudo-real graphics. I’m sorry, but if you don’t think Breath of the Wild has the potential of becoming one of the greatest video games of modern times, then I’m not sure you’ve ever really understood the design philosophy that’s underpinned Nintendo’s work since the very beginning…


      • jjgodden, he didn’t say that graphics make great games. He’s talking about multi-platform games. If devs choose to release games on the Switch and nobody had a reason to buy the Switch version (aka its an inferior experience) than they won’t continue to support the Switch. At least I think that’s he point he’s making.

        On the other hand, DGPark, why would it be good for Nintendo to release thier stuff on other platforms? Nintendo makes nearly 100% of the revenue on games they make on their own platform and they get a cut of the sales of every other game sold on their platform. There’s a lot of money in owning a platform.

        “Games want great games more than they want gimmicks!!” What is that supposed to mean? There are people creaming themselves right now about VR despite there being no great VR games. People do like having new ways to play games, that’s why the Wii sold so incredibly well. It just didn’t maintain an active user based because it always got inferior versions of games and not because of the Wii Remote, but because of poor or forced implementations of motion controls, fewer features, and graphics that often looked crumby on HD TVs.

        Saying “We don’t like gimmicks” is an empty and profoundly profoundly incorrect statement about video game players. “Gimmick” has become a dismissive term that boring people use for any remotely new ideas. A gimmick is a selling point. A gimmick is a unique reason to buy something. A gimmick is not inherently bad.

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        • Are you blind? His statements “Nintendo should have focused on a 4k console, failing that, maybe concentrate on making some of their own great titles, Zelda, Mario & Mariokart, Meteriod, Pokémon etc bigger better and released on to the other platforms, XBOX, PS4 and even PC and Mac” and “gamers want great games more than they want gimmicks!!” heavily implies that he thinks that Nintendo haven’t produced any great games recently, and that this is intrinsically linked to hardware specifications and the capability to produce ultra hi-fi graphics. Anyone with any idea of what constitutes great game design can recognise dozens of games across the 3DS and Wii U libraries that are good to great to excellent.


          • Uhm… Hi-fi is sound quality, not picture quality.


            • I’m not using the term as a noun e.g. ‘hi-fi’ speakers. ‘Hi-fi’ is short for ‘high fidelity’, fidelity in this case meaning the degree of accuracy or exactness with which something is represented. This terminology is directly applicable to visuals as well as audio.


      • “I’m sorry” you “never really understood” what was saying!I never said anything about nintendo made games. the big one’s have always been great on every platform since the beginning, I love nintendo, I think Breath of the Wild had the potential of becoming one of the greatest video games of modern times, but it lost it when the system it was made for is under powered and didn’t keep up with “modern times”. jeez…I guess people who think their clever using fancy “pseudo words” buy consoles just for “plilosophy’s” and don’t mind paying money for systems with like 5 decent games spanning their life cycle!!


        • I’m not even going to dignify this folly of a paragraph with a decent response. Seriously, where did you go to school in order to end up that bad at grammar and syntax, let alone application of logic?


  5. That’s $301.23 according to google. Of course, if this is true, they’ll drop the $1.23 & sell it as $299.99 plus tax. With the regular PS4 being 250 now, I’m happy with that price. I’d be even happier if it was $349.99 to $399.99. 300 means it’s possibly slightly stronger than PS4 & 350 or more means closer to PS4 Pro if not on par with it. But that’s if the dock actually strengthens the Switch’s capabilities. If not, the Switch better become a trend like the Wii did or it might sell around the same amount that Gamecube sold which isn’t entirely a bad thing but it’s not a great thing, either.


    • Or worse case scenario is it sells as bad as Wii U, if not worse, which would be terrible.


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