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UK: GameSeek Says It Will Have More Switch Consoles Available For £198.50 Soon

GameSeek stunned us all when they opened pre-orders up for the Nintendo Switch early at £198.50. This was £80 below the recommended retail price and thankfully they stuck with their decision to sell for this price. The company has announced via a blog post that they will have more consoles available soon for £198.50.

If you want to get your Switch console on the release date £80 cheaper than the RRP – click the stock alert via our website (If you aren’t already a GameSeek customer, you’ll be directed to a page to create an account).



  1. That’s insane. Can someone explain how this is possible? Are they cutting their own profit down by such a margin? Do you guys think, that soon(1-3 months) after release the price of Nintendo Switch consoles will drop hugely? If so I’m tempered to cancel my preorder from Amazon germany and wait one to two months and get a new computer system first.

    Or can they over such prices only because they are sketchy and treat their employees bad?

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