Mega Man Design Tweaked For New Mega Man TV Show


When the first design for the upcoming Mega Man cartoon series was shown off there were lots of negative comments from fans unhappy with the way that Mega Man looked in the new series. Well, it would seem as though the team have taken this onboard and have tweaked the design slightly. It’s not a radical overhaul as one might have expected, but it’s a change nonetheless.

New design:


Old design:




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  1. Neto Hil says:

    Still hurts my eyes…

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  2. this one has potential as a metroid prime federation force cartoon..

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    1. Darknova3529 says:

      silence. we do not aknowledge that virus.

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      1. weyezman says:

        Sigma Confirmed?


  3. shadowvegeta says:

    Better. But still NO.

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  4. Sleepy says:

    The font looks a little off…..especially that E


  5. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis says:

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  6. Arec says:

    Why is it such a big issue?

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  7. yaboysix says:

    Not a big MegaMan fan…But to relate it …I guess I’d feel a certain way if they were rebooting dragon Ball and made Goku different. ..


    1. dracojay says:

      They kinda already did that in Super


      1. Yup. Chichi forced him to get a job (bet she was loud and abrasive as ever). On top of that, both Goku and Vegeta are now training under Whis (like little kids), mirroring Naruto and Sasuke’s early days.


  8. Fucking low budget. I call it being fucking trash. lets see jow it goess.


    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis says:

      ||Because it is, there are no valid relevant arguments towards the opposite…||


  9. It’s fine. It’s a cartoon aimed for kids.


  10. Bitrip says:

    Whelp. RIP Mega Man.


  11. nintandrew says:

    It’s the new gender pronoun free Megaperson


  12. that’s the probelm. -_-


  13. dracojay says:

    Why not use the old box art vharacter designs?


  14. reeleemee says:

    Horrible design. Even the newer Megaman’s look better than this. Looks like American style drawings in that their lazy, and uninspired lol like how they destroyed teen Titans and transformers.

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  15. 狐ちゃん says:

    I don’t mind them experimenting with new designs like Capcom themselves did between different iterations of Mega Man, I also like the armor in this design. But the face bothers me. Infact it’s mostly the face I find wrong with the previous design.
    A Mega Man without his signature tall eyes is like DBE taking away Bulma’s green/blue hair (among many other bad design choices in that movie)


  16. Maybe it’s because it’s a Man of Action Mega Man show, who’s basically Ben 10 going to school.

    Or better yet, Mega Man Boom.

    Put it in the pile with Sonic Boom, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (even though that’s a much better show), Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10 (2016), PPG (2016), CWACOM (2017), and the DuckTales reboot (given the trailer). The only notable returnee who isn’t dorked out for new tennials is Samurai Jack (despite the darker story and amount of blood).

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  17. God he has a shitty Ben10 face


  18. Hopefully the Castlevania show wouldn’t be as bad.


  19. Terrible redesign… go back to the drawing board, please.

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  20. Well, i can say for sure it’s an improvement.
    At least he looks more like MegaMan.
    Before had you shown him to me and asked me who he was i would have had no idea it was supposed to be MegaMan.
    Now though, he looks more like him.
    Is it perfect? Hell no!
    But it’s better at least.


  21. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Still looks like trash. WHY IS HE A FUCKING STICK FIGURE!?! AS IF KIDS DON’T HAVE ENOUGH SHIT TELLING THEM “SKINNY LIKE A STICK IS BEST!!!” It didn’t look good on Nicole Ritchie & it damn sure doesn’t look good on Mega Man! EAT SOME FUCKING FATTY FOODS, BITCH!!! I’m not saying get unhealthily fat but god damn! There is such a thing as unhealthily skinny, too! I pray there isn’t a character in the show that’s a fan of bear hugs. Otherwise, good bye, Mega Man. No wait. Not good bye. Just… DIE, DIE, DIE!!!


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