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Splatoon 2’s Tick Rate Clocked In At 12.5Hz In The Recent Global Testfire

Thanks to a software developer who on Twitter goes by the name of @octobyte, he measured Splatoon 2‘s tick rate during the Global Testfire over the weekend. Tickrate, for those who aren’t in the know (I had to look it up too), is how often per second the server sends updated data to the game client. The higher the tick rate the more accurate the action occurring on screen is. Remembering that the demo’s we played over the weekend aren’t representative of the final build, the tick rate was 12.5Hz which, in comparison to Splatoon 1, clocked in at double that.

NeoGaf user, Bluth54, has listed what some other current online games come it with their tick rate:

Splatoon 1: 25Hz
Overwatch: Increased from 20Hz to 63Hz
CSGO: 64 Hz
Team Fortress 2: 66 Hz
Battlefield One: Increased from 30 Hz to 45 Hz
Rainbow Six Seige: Increased from 30 Hz to 60 Hz

With news that the game ran at a respectable frame rate throughout and that playing when tethered to your mobile network doesn’t use a huge amount of data, I think we can be rest assured that Splatoon 2 will work just fine come launch.

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    1. Same here. It honestly felt just as good as Splatoon 1, half the tick rate or not (and I played Splatoon 1 online literally within a week of the Testfire).


  1. Well idc about how much Splatoon ticks i just want good smooth online and single player come release day. I literally only played 1 match and it was pretty smooth the whole match lol


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