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Game Freak Looking For Programmer For Nintendo 3DS RPG

Game Freak, best known for developing the Pokémon franchise, have revealed that they’re hard at work looking for a programmer for an upcoming unannounced Nintendo 3DS roleplaying title. Whether it is Pokémon related, or a new IP, is unknown at this point in time, but whatever it is it is something to keep an eye on. Hopefully we will catch a glimpse at it at E3 which takes place in Los Angeles next month.



38 thoughts on “Game Freak Looking For Programmer For Nintendo 3DS RPG”

  1. Why? Why would game freak support the3ds over the Switch? I’m sorry but that’s just flat out dumb. If I was the CEO at Nintendo I would tell them to develop for the Switch or not at all.

    1. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. They released Pokémon Black and White for DS a month after the 3DS launched and then Black and White 2 for DS a year and a half after the 3DS launched. While I would prefer a Switch Pokémon, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s at least one more 3DS Pokémon.

      1. I thought the same. Actually I believe they wait and see how Switch will evolve saleswise and then Nintendo will launch a Switch Mini/Portable or a 3Ds successor at the end of 2018 or in spring 2019. Then the main line Pokémon series will join Switch eventually.

    2. The 3DS has sold 60 million units in it’s lifetime versus the 2-3 million Switch’s available and it’s still way more portable than the Switch. There’s also a possibility that they intend to take advantage of features like Streetpass. By the fact that they just announced the 2DS XL, it’s obvious that they still see life and value in the 3DS and I can’t blame them.

      1. That’s exactly why Nintendo should force gamefreak to develop for the Switch instead. The 3ds has already peaked, and sold over 60 million units. Pokémon is a system seller and the Switch needs that right now. I don’t think it would be dumb for gamefreak to develop for the 3ds. I think it would be dumb for Nintendo to let them.

        1. Nintendo doesn’t own Gamefreak(In 2015 they release a game for PS4, XBO, Windows, and no Nintendo systems) and Nintendo, Gamefreak, and Creature’s Inc all co-own the Pokémon IP so Nintendo doesn’t have complete say over this stuff. A Pokémon game would have helped out sales on the Wii U, Wii, and GameCube as well but Nintendo never seemed to be able to convince them to make a full-fledged Pokémon game on a console and they I don’t think they want to force the devs to make a game that they don’t want to make.

          It also wouldn’t be wise to stop supporting the 3DS like so many want Nintendo to do. According to Statista, more 3DSs sold this year than last year, with 5 million being sold since September so it hasn’t reached it peak. They’ll probably even see another increase from the 2DS XL since the price of their dedicated handhelds are cheap enough that some people collect them.

          I get your point about the Pokémon being a system seller, but the Switch already has games

  2. I bet it’s Stars and that is a 3Ds title and Pokemon as a franchise stayed always for two further years on the old broader hardware audience. Remember Black/White 1 & 2 after the 3Ds has been released?

  3. Seems like many of you guys here think the Switch is the new 3DS-like-System who gets the new titles in the future, but the Switch doesn’t replace the 3DS. Nintendo will continue working on new titles for the 3DS, which will exist next to the Switch. These are completely different consoles. So the “normal” Pokemon games will remain on the (3)DS-Series, other information is just speculation and rumors. Just wanted to make this clear

      1. They just announced the 2DS XL within the past month. They’re not done with it. It’s half the price of the Switch and more portable.

        Even if they released a smaller, handheld-only Switch, it’ll have far worse battery life. run hotter, and won’t be nearly as cheap, portable, or durable..

        1. And the DSi XL launched in 2010. When the last remodel of a console comes out doesn’t mean shit about how long it has left. A smaller Switch would most likely come when they do have a way to make it smaller and run pretty much the same. It’s happened before with other handhelds and it’ll happen again. My guess around 2019.

          1. The problem now is that Nintendo isn’t using a custom chip like they did with the 3DS. They buy ready-made chips from Nvidia and Nvidia doesn’t plan to continue making mobile chips or produce the TX1 on a 16nm or 10nm process. Their 16nm SOCs are the TX2 and Xavier.

            If Nintendo DID decided to use an underclocked TX2 or if Nvidia starts making 16nm TX1s then that would reduce power usage and heat output allowing them to maybe make a fanless version of the Switch with much improved battery life (fans use a lot of power) but they would not be able to shrink it.

            The Switch isn’t a handheld, it’s a “hybrid”. It’s form factor is bound to the size of the JoyCons and the dock. Shrinking the main unit means making a unit that’s too small for the dock and too small for the current JoyCons to slide into.

            The Switch attempts to be so many things at one time that there’s really nothing they can do to change it’s form factor. They really only have two options:

            1. Make a handheld-only version of the system, with a smaller screen and integrated controllers and I’m not sure how much less they could sell that for. It saves them the cost of the dock, the Joycon grip, the JoyCon Bluetooth controllers and the screen but that could be just $20-30 less, it might still be a little larger than a 3DS XL, and gets rid of it’s “hybrid” aspect entirely.

            2. Shrink the size of the system using a smaller screen and battery as well as new mini JoyCons, grips, and docks.

            I agree that the 3DS needs to be upgraded but neither of these sound like amazing ideas to me. I’m pretty sure Nintendo was just hoping they could sell the Switch to the handheld market despite it’s added size and cost. But until the Switch proves that it really has as much appeal to the handheld market as the 3DS, they need to continue supporting the 3DS. Either than or they make a true 3DS success which would be weird in multiple ways, especially since it would be really easy for them to make a handheld that surpasses the performance of the Switch in handheld mode.

              1. Just because it’s selling fast doesn’t mean that momentum will continue and will justify getting rid of it’s dedicated handhelds.

                Would you personally be interested in a smaller Switch with smaller JoyCons and charging grip?

                1. No because I already got the hybrid one which is what I want. If they made a smaller Switch it should be handheld only with no detachable Joy-Cons.

  4. This would have to be pretty much the last major release on the 3DS from Nintendo then as we already know that E3 will be entirely devoted to the Switch with 3DS stuff only being shown during the Treehouse. My guess? The Pokémon Stars rumor was only half right and it’s actually a dual release. Remember that not too long ago they were looking for someone with experience in high quality HD models.

      1. They as in Eurogamer. It is a rumor that’s all. When people start taking rumors as facts the truth gets taken as a disappointment.

  5. Why? My 3DS is gathering cobwebs. Can’t do it anymore. Make us a “3DS player” expansion for the Switch and call it a day.

    1. A 3DS player expansion? You mean like a second screen? That would make the Switch enormous and I don’t know how it would attach. The USB-C port is on the bottom of the Switch so the second screen would have to attach at the bottom, clamp around the system, just so it can be placed on the top. Then they’d have to make sure it isn’t blocking the air vents up there.

      Software-wise, they can do the emulation pretty easily. They could support it’s graphics API at the driver level and do PICA200 emulation at the driver level and any additional APIs the 3DS used could be emulated in an HLE kind of way or possibly be natively supported. And since they’re using an ARM CPU, it should be backwards compatible with the 3DS and DS. But if they intended to add 3DS backwards compatibility with any hardware add-on then they kind of shot themselves in the foot with a lot of the design decisions they made with the Switch.

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