E3 2017: Nintendo Is Likely To Announce More New Games

E3 is far from finished and it looks as though Nintendo of America may have some more announcements up their sleeves. Taking to Twitter they answered some fans questions and state that the likelihood of new announcements is pretty good. So hey, best to stay tuned to the Treehouse stream both today and tomorrow so see what they have in store.



  1. ||The Xbots must be countered with everything we can launch against them, even if it’s 400 different Yoshi weapons and 6 billion Mario ones…||

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      1. Sony hates everyone right now regardless, even their own judging by how many games are getting cross platform play on every other platform but theirs.


    1. I like how you act like every company hates each other, the truth is that they don’t. Phil Spencer loves Nintendo to be exact, but I wouldn’t expect you to accept the fact that the big three companies don’t hate each other.


      1. ||Phil Spencer is a misguided leader that joined that corrupt disease known as Microsoft in which its only purpose is to take over others and destroying them while assimilating the things they liked into their own, the evidence is out there like the extinct Nokians and Rare…||

        ||Phil Spencer might most likely like Nintendo, his actions however contradict them…||


      1. ||I’m sure they are working on one, Sir Sakurai will probably get bored from making countless Kirby weapons soon…||


      1. That would honestly be cool. The people there get not just a surprise game reveal but a surprise tournament to take part in, too.

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    1. lol omg i just saw haters back off on netflix like last week and i can’t stop watching it, it’s brilliant! It reminds me of a cross between strangers with candy and napoleon dynamite lol

      I can’t wait for season 2!


  2. Pikmin 4 was the game Grunty was hoping for.

    Maybe it will at least be announced at the treehouse. If not then Ill pout.

    Sicr Here do me a favor hon. Since the Tree House is a bore, you watch it then post and I’ll read it while I eat toast.

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  3. Luigi’s Mansion 3 I really want to see, when it comes out, I will get it on Switch to be. If I get attacked I will yell “Luigi.: ” Luigi is my favorite sidekick to me. I would pick him before Robin, Tales and Luie you see?

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  4. Can we get a release date for Yooka-Laylee Switch version? It’s been on everything else for 2 months now, the devs can’t go much longer without backlash starting especially since they are working directly with Nintendo to get it done.

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