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GameStop Holding Splatoon 2 Event On July 22nd

A recent flyer handed up by GameStop reveals that the video game retailer will be holding special Splatoon 2 events on Saturday, July 22nd. If you attend one of the events then you will be eligible to receive a free colour changing Splatoon 2 cup, which isn’t a bad thing to get for free. You can join in the fun with GameStop at 12pm  – 3pm.



2 thoughts on “GameStop Holding Splatoon 2 Event On July 22nd”

  1. I’m more concerned about if they’re going to do a midnight release for the game. They did it for Breath of the Wild and the Switch itself, so why not Splatoon 2 now that the series is a proven smash hit?

    1. I’m not sure it’s so popular in the west compared to Japan to warrant a midnight release especially given the fact that there’s so few consoles out there

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