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GameCube Title Listings Have Started To Pop Up On Nintendo Europe Servers

Earlier today on Twitter several people had spotted a number of GameCube titles appearing on Nintendo Europe servers. While Nintendo has yet to confirm it, there have been a substantial amount of rumours in the past about GameCube games appearing on the inevitable Nintendo Switch Virtual Console. Of course, speculation has arisen today given that these titles have been uploaded to the servers, but as always we shall have to wait and see!

Thanks to Nekkosuga for the tip!

52 thoughts on “GameCube Title Listings Have Started To Pop Up On Nintendo Europe Servers”

      1. sorry but no matter how god your are at something the japanese wil beat your ass so our metroid fanboy is a mere n00b to them.

  1. GC VC would be awesome. Having GC games on the go? Yes please. There are a few games that used the analog triggers though, but I don’t think it’d be too hard to rework.

    1. Also, I’d like to point out that you could get games that were previously Japanese or European exclusives on the Switch since it’s region free, I just felt like pointing that out

          1. I’ll be joining the fray soon enough. I feel like I have the free time of a single parent with a dozen kids, but it’s just me and my dog… and a full time job, and a 2hour round trip drive every day. ugh. I am almost done editing a video for a close friend, I have to change my car rotors and bla bla bla, … I would love to just quit my job and focus on my writing and filming, but I have to keep my ship sailing. that costs $$$. I’m so so so close to getting my project off the ground. ugh!!!

            1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

              ||Too bad your 2 hour trip is what disrupts your projects but I’m sure you’ll manage it, you are a survivor after all…||

              1. Aye. Once I work it into my routine, it will be a regular thing. I have some positive changes coming that should significantly help free up some time.

                Like tonight, after work, I have to pull the wheels off my car, get the brake caliper-bracket bolts loose so I can swap put my rotors. It’s always something!!

                Although I love car work, my lack of free time is frustrating. At least I get some Zelda game time in when I jump on my elliptical a few times a week!

    1. No not really, most glitches you have to trigger for them to happen like the loop glitch in the first level or the gravity switch in the ruins level. It’s not the most perfect port by any means, but it’s still better than the more recent ports we have on PS3, 360, and PC.

  2. That Smash Bros game would be a purchase for me, I don’t know about new versions but that one was just perfect in my opinion… I heard some parts of the game got lost in the Wii U version (story mode?).
    Also F-Zero, Wave Race, Metroid Prime, and Wind Waker. I would also consider Pikmin 2.
    I missed out completely F-Zero, Metroid Prime, Wind Waker and Pikmin 2, because I rage quitted the console after seeing Mario Sunshine (horrible to me) and Wind Waker (was expecting something more ‘graphically appealing’, though it interested me after so many years).
    The GameCube for me has been a big let down (after a great experience with a Nintendo 64), I appreciated Super Smash Bros and moderately Pikmin, I disliked Luigi’s Mansion and mostly everything else. Xbox offered something more compelling to me that generation.

    1. I understand … for me, the GC is Nintendo’s best console for all time, it’s “magnus opum”, I like this Metroid Prime series, Luigi’s mansion, eternal darkness, Mario Sunshine and Star Wars Series. This SSBM is the franchise’s fastest title, you will surely like it!

  3. Didn’t these same “leaks” happen like 4 months ago, or did I dream it? People on Reddit also pointed out that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 was on the list, but Activision no longer has the rights to publish it and that all the licensed music and celebrity likenesses would be a nightmare to iron out for another release.

  4. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*}

    At this point, I’d prefer HD remakes with updated graphics for some Gamecube titles like Eternal Darkness & the Baten Kaitos games which is where I got the idea of using the name Kalas. Especially Eternal Darkness since it’s quite clear the game was originally meant to be an N64 game but never got any updated graphics when it was moved to the Gamecube instead. I guess Nintendo was too cheap to help Silicon Knights out at the time.

  5. I have no idea how they’re gonna do GameCube Virtual Console when GC games utilized the analogue shoulder buttons while every Nintendo console afterwards (Switch included) does digital, but if we get it, I want to see F-Zero GX (alongside a brand new one), Mario Superstar Baseball, Double-Dash, the first two Monkey Ball games, and FE Path of Radiance & Radiant Dawn (missed those during the Cube days). And, this is a REALLY wild card, but an old, literally-no-one-else-has-ever-heard-of-this game called Ribbitking, a frog-golfing game. Had it back then, it got stolen, wish I could play it again.

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