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Digital Foundry Tackle Sonic Mania

The video game technology enthusiasts over at Digital Foundry have gone hands-on with the console versions of the recently released Sonic Mania. The findings by the team show that the versions are mostly equal, however the Nintendo Switch version has a little bit of slowdown at points but nothing major. It should also be noted that the PlayStation Pro version is running in 4K. Check out their detailed analysis in the video below.

12 thoughts on “Digital Foundry Tackle Sonic Mania”

  1. This is why I don’t really buy third party games, Ninty always gets the lame version … If it was like £5 cheaper on Ninty I’d get em but at full retail for a buggy port meh I’m fine

    1. I have the game and it’s great on switch no slowdown. If you want portable u can’t top the switch if you don’t care about that then yea no reason to buy this on switch since the other two always will get better graphics out of it. However, if you care about future support for the switch I would advise you to purchase on switch since it’s a new system and needs all the support it can get right now.

  2. I’m a bit worried about the bugs, but I do want this game… Sonic 2 was one of the first games I’ve ever owned, and I have fond memories of playing it with my sister. And yes, definitely getting the Switch version

  3. I can’t say I ran into any slowdown, but I did run into a glitch. I was charging up my spindash, took off and jumped after a second or two, and ended up getting stuck in a wall. I tried jumping up to the path above, as I couldn’t get out by moving left or right, and I couldn’t get out. Thought I was soft locked in place, but then I died on one of my jumps and I was clear.

    These guys are talented, the game is brilliant. Classic Sonic games always had glitches, just check out a speed run of Sonic 3, but not bad at all for this small team, and I’m sure we’ll get patches later on that perfectly smooth the game out.

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