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Here Are The Patch Notes For Splatoon 2 Version 1.2.0

Splatoon 2, after various announcements made by Nintendo today, will be subject to an important update tomorrow and Nintendo have uploaded the patch notes for it. I’ve included them below and as you can see, as well as adding new maps, they’ve tweaked a large number of aspects relating to many features of the game like Salmon Run, Player Ranking, weapon stats and more.

Here’s the full list of changes that will go live on August 23:

Changes to Player Ranking:

  • Fixed an issue where player rank would change slightly despite a message displaying that stated player rank would not change when other players disconnected early on in a match.

Changes to Spectator Mode:

  • When spectating from a player’s viewpoint, opposing team player names will no longer display unless ZL is pressed.
  • When spectating from a player’s viewpoint in Rainmaker mode, the on-screen warnings “DON’T RETREAT!” and “Rainmaker-Free Zone!” will now be displayed.
  • When spectating from a player’s viewpoint, the on-screen ink border that indicates the player is taking damage will now be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where, when a matches ended while spectating from a Bravo team player’s viewpoint the turf map results were mistakenly displayed from Bravo team’s perspective, despite other results being displayed from Alpha team’s perspective.
  • Fixed a graphical issue affecting player appearance when standing in the zones in Splat Zones mode.

Changes to Salmon Run:

  • The new stage “Lost Outpost” is now available when playing Salmon Run via local wireless at The Shoal.
  • 21 weapons have been added to the selection of those available when playing Salmon Run at The Shoal.
  • Flyfish can now be defeated by using a Splashdown special on their launchers.
  • Fixed an issue where direct hits on a Stinger Boss Salmonid from either a Blaster or shots fired while using the Ink Jet special did not deal the added damage of their shots exploding, and only destroyed one level of the towering enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where Steelhead Boss Salmonids were not exploding with the player team’s ink color after being defeated by a Stingray special.
  • Fixed an issue where destroying one of the Mothership Boss Salmonid’s coolers immediately after it appeared would cause an invulnerable cooler to appear on the enemy on the screens of other players.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to occasionally clip into stage objects in Marooner’s Bay.
  • Fixed an issue where playing “With Friends” repeatedly would allow random players to join the group before selecting “Recruit crew members”.
  • Adjusted parameters for Salmon Run specific weapons:


Changes to Multiplayer:

  • Fixed an issue where, when taking damage continuously over a short time, the number of sound effects indicating damage did not match the number of times the player took damage.
  • Stopped a sound effect that indicated damage dealt when hitting invulnerable opponents descending to the ground after activating their Splashdown special.
  • Fixed an issue causing players hiding behind a Splat Brella to not appear when being targeted by a Sting Ray special or the Thermal Ink or Haunt abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where opponents were not being damaged when run into with Roller or Brush weapons while standing on uninkable sloping surfaces.
  • Inking the trees growing in The Reef and Inkblot Art Academy stages will no longer earn points or fill the special gauge.
  • Fixed an issue occurring at specific points in Inkblot Art Academy where players returning to the point of activation after using the Inkjet special or landing after executing a Super Jump would occasionally fall through the stage.
  • Fixed an issue occurring in Starfish Mainstage where specific areas would not appear to be inked on the turf map after they had been inked during play.
  • Fixed an issue occurring in Sturgeon Shipyard where players would occasionally fall through the stage.
  • Fixed an issue occurring in Port Mackerel where inking the top of an uninkable container near the center of the map earned a small amount of points and filled the special gauge slightly.
  • Changed the movement range of the forklifts in Port Mackerel to fix an issue where players caught between the forklift and a sponge were occasionally pushed inside the forklift.
  • Adjusted the path of the tower in Tower Control mode in Port Mackerel to fix an issue where players caught between the tower’s pillar and a stage object when the tower entered a narrow space appeared to be shaking.
  • Adjusted the size of the sponge near the spawn points in Port Mackerel to fix an issue where a slight discrepancy existed between the height of the sponge when fully expanded and the height of the platform on the tower.
  • Adjusted parameters for main and special weapons:


  • Other Changes:
    • Players who were in your last played Splatfest Battle will now appear in Inkopolis Square.
    • Fixed an issue where attempting to open the League Battle “Records” section caused the game to crash.
    • Fixed an issue where content could not be drawn on the edges of the screen when zoomed in while creating a post for display in Inkopolis Square.
    • Fixed an issue where following a multiplayer match, a long animation played appearing to award the player far more experience points than they had actually earned.

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39 thoughts on “Here Are The Patch Notes For Splatoon 2 Version 1.2.0”

      1. “the only one?” Every splatoon player knows sniper sucks. Not as weapon. But to play sniper you must have some High lvl accuracy like 80% + And start killing like crazy. something that the MOST people dont have. but yet they like to fucking play sniper anyway. on rank modes. but on turf modes..who cares normal games anyway. Even on A ranks all the snipers are just so noobs and getting carried by the rest types of weapons

        1. Lol that is so true you literally have to be bot to play with sniper by the way what’s your fc I wouldn’t mind battling you sometime you commander seem like pros to play against

          1. The difference with me is that im not a pro. and i know im not a pro. thats why i dont play sniper instent of been a morron and play with something that i cant handle and been bad with it like the most of the people with snipers. With The weapons i play till now i almost never failed with them to be the top kills by far like . On (ranks) while the most snipers sucking around with just 6-7 kills. Well on turf war the kills are always lower in numbers vs rank kills :P
            All im saying is i play (on ranks) with my best weapons and not playing with the weapons to have fun with..and let my teammates dead. now im Arank and on splat1 i was S+ i dont play to much ranks right now because i only play 3 weapons on rank and i want to play turf games mostly to play with more weapons


                    1. I’ll pick up ok just give me some time I still have buy a pro comtroller and a bigger sd card along with the three set Mario amiibo and Mario odyssey next month I’m going to be broke for a while lol I have to wait for November to get along with Mario + rabbids

                          1. They aren’t going to improve unless they play. I’ll admit I am terrible in this game as a charger, the game is too fast paced for me to be decent, if it wasn’t timed I’d be fine, but I’m worrying about the clock and not being snuck up on from the sides or behind. I’ve played with some amazing snipers, I’ve also played against some amazing snipers. I’m more annoyed with AFKers, I had a teammate in Rainmaker who AFKed for 95% of the match, especially after grabbing the Rainmaker, that is far more annoying.

                            1. That’s what I mean, you aren’t gonna show up in any match being the best charger without trail & error practice, but they show up at a high risk mode like rank battle and that makes me mad, just spend a week in regular battles and who knows, they might improve but don’t ruin it for your team,

                              because I carefully choose the right type of weapons for a mode all I need is at least 70% co-op from my team if I had more of that we would always win.

                            2. doesn’t matter if you are a bad on charger when you dont play rank matches. Turfed matches is good practice to learn the weapons like i do. The sniper is a big problem if som1 dont getting kills fast enough. because sniper is far away and the main problem is there is 1 less body to take dmg in the fight. there are 3 people in the front line alone. that means the sniper have to get atleast 2 kills in every specific fight to make it as worth it is possible for hes “missing body” position. because once the 3 mates died. sniper is in a very bad position. im not even talking about som1 who can sneak and kill the sniper.

                            3. same, every time I play splatzone most people want to use snipers/chargers they really do suck a lot, I just give up until rainmaker or tower mode if they keep showing up, I’m S rank on all three modes but I can’t enjoy splatzone anymore because of them. bye the way add me too.

                              FC SW-1988-6859-3172

                              1. This is the exactly the right thinking. Not ruin your team mates. this is my main thoughs every time. every 2 from the 20 games some times i get fucked with stupid mistakes from my side and letting my team down and end up with 5-6 kills while my ratio is much higher on ranks. And the right kills is all what matters. specially on rainmaker i failed yesterday i kill 3 people. But i failed to target the guy with the rainmaker and he escape and end the game;p i could kill him first. But i liked the idea to get 3 people killed…stupid idea. even with 400hours on splat1 i still dont have brain and let my ego for kills some times to ruin the game and not killing the right people

                              2. @Thanos
                                Dude, chill. You’re taking this way too seriously. This game is there to be enjoyed. I couldn’t care less if my teammates or myself lose a rank. As long as we gave it our best with the weapons and strategy we wanted to use, that’s fine. You can win back your rank easily, no matter to go all amok on people here. Jeez…

                              3. Geeze, pull your head out of your ass. Just let them play whatever they want if they enjoy it. If they lose ranks as a result of using a weapon they aren’t trained with yet, why would you care about it? It’s their rank, and if they feel that enjoying the game is more important than gaining ranks, just let them. That aside, how would anyone ever get good with a weapon without using it, anyways? Of course you’re bad with a weapon the first time using it, you can’t just start playing a game for the first time and magically already be good at it, like wot.

                                1. Are you stupid or what? you just told me to put my head out of my ass? lmao? Do you even realise what are you talking about Nintendrone kid? should i let them enjoy? and why i care if they lose ranks? You cant even use some small part of your brain to REALISE that i am ALSO in these “Losing ranks” parts? You cant realise when these idiots snipers losing the games i am with them too?

                                  I can keep going but your your understanding is even worse than my english. Waste fo time
                                  Ofc you are bad with a weapon the first time using it? Man……………….my comment was like how match 10 words?15 words? and you couldn’t understand them? so many questions right? THIS IS RANK we are talking about !!! they have to play sniper to get used to? —> Normal games for practice like i DO. for like the 70% of my gameplay is turf wars. right now to GET USED TO.

                                2. Then complain about Nintendo for not including those modes as unranked battles, not about the players actually making use of those modes via ranked battles. Turf wars get boring quickly, so it’s only natural to want to move on from them as quickly as possible. As for the “also losing ranks” argument, I can only say “boo hoo”. Not that it makes much sense, anyways. If snipers are as present in ranked battles as you say, each team should be equally likely to get snipers and each team, on average, should have the same amount of snipers. Therefore they can’t possibly affect the win/lose ratio as much as you’re claiming. It’s just a lame excuse to blame your own defeats on other players. A good player can easily compensate for a mediocre player.

                                3. if they know how to use it and can positively contribute to their team, then why not? it really is a viable weapon class, it just has a ridiculous learning curve, especially for noobs that use aerospray or tri slosher. You just need to spectate carefully and know when to play to your strengths.

                                  1. Sniper is bad in the matches where you are more likely to know where the enemy is? Right…
                                    The problem with Snipers is most people play it like Snipers in other games, where you camp and just aim. You have to be mobile, be able to twitch shot, and be willing to fire normal uncharged shots at times.
                                    I’ve only really had luck with the Firefin Splatcharger though. Walls are nice.

                                  1. Why in god’s name haven’t the trislosh, octobrush, and rapid blaster been nerfed to oblivion yet? At least the trislosh Nintendo, come on.

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