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Check Out These Awesome Unofficial Clear Casings For The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch console currently only comes in black with the detachable Joy-Con being made available in a small variety of neon colours. If you’re looking to pimp out your console and controllers, and don’t mind voiding the manufacturer’s warranty, then you’re in luck. Online seller Ali Express has an array of different shells for both the Joy-Con and Switch console and the clear casings certainly trigger some nostalgic memories. There an array of colours to be chosen but take a look below to get a taster:

The cost for the clear shells is $40 which will get you the replacement casing for both the console and the Joy-Con. Head over to their online shop to see their full range.

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    1. I think that only concerns the casings and as more evidence pops up it seems it’s a manufacturing error and they most likely came out of the box warped. I checked mine when that news struck and it hasn’t gotten any worse since.

  1. The joy-cons look kinda neat. Admittedly, I was never a big fan of the see-through design.
    I’d really like purple though. Or a blue Pro controller.

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