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The Director Of Final Fantasy XV Says Nothing Has Been Decided On The Switch Yet

Not too long ago, during a Gamescom live stream, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata seemed to tease a Switch version of the game. Since then, DualShockers asked Tabata about the matter, and it seems that they’re just not ready yet. According to Tabata, “nothing has been decided yet. The development team is testing out what kind of specs the Switch can provide”. Tabata further explained that “they tried to test the Luminous Engine (which is the engine powering the game on PS4 and Xbox One) on the platform, and they figured out that at this point in time the team can’t ‘bring out the most of the engine’ on the Switch”. Basically, they’re still seeing what they can do with the Switch and “making sure that they’ll capitalize on the platform’s characteristics, bringing out the most of it”.

However, Tabata was also quick to clarify that this isn’t meant to be a negative opinion on the Switch. The team “did not do any specific optimization to the Liminous Engine for Nintendo’s console. They simply loaded it in to see how it would perform”. Tabata says that the team’s current stance with the Switch is that they “understand the technical specifications of the Switch, and they will continue to look into what they can do for the platform”.



  1. I don’t get it. Wouldn’t it be easier for them to just do the remake of 7 (and KHIII) since the Switch already fully supports UE4?

    Some of these third party decisions regarding the Switch just don’t make sense.

      1. 7 remake already uses UE4. Same with KHIII. Just focus on those ports and release them at the same time as the others.

  2. why do people think they’re gonna port the pocket version?? it seems obvious to me that this guy tried to say “lmao we’re not putting the pocket edition on the switch” in a nice way and that they’re actually putting time and resources in trying to get FF15 on the switch. so why is there still talk that we’re gonna get the pocket edition and not the real game?

  3. Kinda makes sense. I heard Luminous is very power hungry. It’s also a good sign. I just hope they might consider bringing a too if the line exclusive crystal chronicles game. I’d prefer that to any port

  4. The game runs like crap on the PS4(can’t even reach 60fps on the pro, only 45-50). The game would need major scale downs if they were to port it on the Switch, given the PS4 even struggles at basic 30fps, is really unlikely guys, we should really stop expecting 7 Remake and this, as they even struggle on their main platform.

  5. Tbh I would to see an original spinoff FFVX game with an original story along with the ability to create your own character as the main character for an original campaign for the Switch. Square Enix could easily do this with the FFXV assets they already have.
    An original Spinoff of FFXV that uses the same world space as FFXV but with a custom character, new story, but with KH3’s combat mechanics should have been what SE aimed for rather than a straight up port. All they would really have to do is get the Luminous Engine optimized on the Switch.
    I just think since SE pretty much blew off Nintendo owners for so long when it come to their main IPs if they were to get the Luminous Engine running well on the Switch the least they could do is give Switch owners something worthwhile rather than another old port of a game that everyone pretty much played to death already, plus that ending was complete garbage and the cast of characters and story was boring and weak, so I’ll take an original story that takes place after the FFXV story if possible.
    If they just port FFXV to the Switch I’m not gonna buy it again, and it’s not because of the lower specs or anything, I just felt that FFXV is a much worse story than FFXIII, the characters are the worse out of the entire franchise and the ending made me more angrier than Mass Effect 3’s vanilla ending ever done, so I think SE should utilize that character creation from FFXV’s MP portion for the Switch, Make it a FFXV spinoff that takes place a few years after FFXV, use the FFXV open world that already exist and just change some of the landscape to make it reflect how much time went by, optimize the Luminous Engine so it runs smoothly on the Switch and we’ve got an original FFXV spinoff worth buying on the Switch:D

  6. They better not bring the pocket edition over but from the sound of this interview they might be trying to make a downgraded port of the game (like I want) so maybe it will be alright

  7. I agree with MikeS, focus on the games that are “natively” supported by the Switch. If Final Fantasy XV doesn’t run well in it’s engine on Switch, I’d rather not get a shabby port. It sounds like they’re spending a lot of time and resources to bring us what will be a very late port. How about an exclusive spin-off title that makes the most of the Switch’s capabilities?

  8. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    If you can’t get FFXV out on the Switch before the year ends, just work on FF7 Remake & KH3 which both use the Unreal Engine which does work on the Switch with very little issues for the Switch. Unless the team making those games are already hard at work on getting them on Switch. In any case, as long as trying to get FFXV on the Switch doesn’t interfere with the development of new games, have fun trying to port this game to Switch.

    1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

      That & I already got the game on my PS4, anyway, so I won’t be buying a lesser Switch version.

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