Ubisoft Milan Are Now Looking To Expand Their Team

It’s been nothing but good news lately for Ubisoft Milan who produced the well-received Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The team have revealed in a recent interview with Games Industry that they are now looking to expand their team due to their success.

“We really feel that, in this moment, all the stars are well aligned,” he said. “I just met yesterday my boss, the managing director of all the studios, and we really feel the trust: the head office, our editorial team, Nintendo, other studios, the players, the community. It’s a great joy.

“We are now reaching eight to ten times more applications than in the past. This is really, really promising. We have a growth plan in our minds… I see a really brilliant future in front of us.”

Migliavacca and Soliani explained that there is a “medium-term plan” to add 20 people, reinforcing its team in every key area. This will happen over the next 8 to 12 months, but Migliavacca acknowledged, “there is the possibility to grow much more.”

“In that case we will probably have to change studio,” Soliani adds, referring to the available space in Ubisoft Milan’s current location, which has enough room for another 20, but perhaps not a great deal more. “I will say that this game for sure is opening up a lot of possibilities. Also, having the players’ support is changing a lot of things.”



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