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Capcom Reiterates No Plans For Monster Hunter World On Nintendo Switch

Eurogamer has published an extensive interview with Monster Hunter World director Kaname Fujioka. Of course, one of the things that popped up in the interview was the lack of a Nintendo Switch version of the game. Fujioka says that the team knew what platforms they had in mind when developing the next iteration of the Monster Hunter series and sadly the Switch wasn’t one of them.

Capcom’s move to home console comes at the cost of Nintendo platforms. Was Sony involved in making the switch more palatable, especially given how important the series is in Japan to any console’s success? Tellingly Capcom won’t even broach the subject, though they are more happy to talk about what shape future Monster Hunter games might take on Nintendo’s hybrid.

“Unfortunately we can’t really say at this point,” says Fujioka. “There’s no room to say we’re porting our current software to Nintendo hardware. It comes down to what we’ve already said – we want to deliver the perfectly adapted game for the hardware we have in mind. That was our design concept, and our mission from the very beginning. Being able to adapt Monster Hunter for those systems – adapting that to different hardware doesn’t really work this time around. But in the future, thinking of something like the Switch, we’ll think about how to adapt it for that platform.”



      1. No. There is not only proven cases of Sony securing exclusive deals (COD and Destiny) but implied cases of it as well (Crash being heavily rumoured as a timed exclusive). Mana being entirely Sony exclusive.

        The demo is PS4 exclusive. The collector’s edition is PS4 exclusive. The console bundle is PS4 exclusive. Money HAS to have changed hands over SOMETHING because it is practically being marketed as a PS4 exclusive.

        You don’t have exclusive: early access demo, collector’s edition and bundle UNLESS cheques were written. So yes I thoroughly believe the rumour. But you guys would still deny it if MH Portable is announced for Switch next year.

        Face the facts. Sony were “4 the players” and pushed their own content when they were struggling but now they are the market leader they are pulling all the BS anti-consumer tactics in the book to keep their lead.

        1. Hmm, I could pre-order the CE to Xbox One here in Norway. And Xbox One X got 1440p mode confirmed. Don’t think PS4 Pro have that confirmed? (Please rectify me). Plus, isn’t the PS4 MH edition Japan only? I might be wrong there as well, but if true, there wouldn’t be any MH Xbox because it doesn’t sell well at all in Japan.
          But I agree to what you’re saying. It is reason to believe it could have been paid, but in this case, I just think it is multiplatform that Switch couldn’t keep up with. PC is even delayed after console release, so they’re probably working hard and have enough work as it is. Ofc Sony could be paying for a PC delay so Sony get an upperhand there.

          But I just think Capcom is desperate and releases it where it’s the most easy to develop for. PC, PS and Xbox. Making it fit Switch might be impossible or to expensive for them right know.

      1. before the E3, some leaks from a security breach on Sony were found

        Sony PAID capcom to drop all their support form nintendo. Reason why MHXX was release only on Japan and capcom is negligent to release it in the west

        second, the leak talked about MHW in detail, everything in the leak was true about Sony’s deal and MHW detail

        and lastly, and the only part we havent seen= MHW and MH5 are two separated games, with MH5 being the same way as the other MH. But this is also included in the “Drop Nintendo’s Support” deal

      2. ||No, the Xbots are behind this as usual, people still go on about the Sonyan imbeciles when Xbots are the ones that tries directly to sabotage our plans and it’s irrelevant how illogical it might seem, their leaders are a clever group unlike the slaves…||

        1. I highly doubt Xbox was behind this. Remember, MH use to be Sony’s bread and butter until 2007 or so. Sony is the one sabotaging Nintendo from not getting another MH despite being more successful on Nintendo than Sony…just like how Crapcom treats RE on Nintendo despite reviving the series right after they fuck it up…twice.

      1. Nah main entry or no deal, other big publishers are giving us the big guns, they need to try hard if they want us back.

  1. Sony definitely bought them out. Gaming is awesome until we get these little reminders that it’s a business first and foremost.

  2. You guys here know that the reason MH switched from Sony to Nintendo was because Nintendo PAID them for localization. MH was to me a Sony franchise in many years. What’s bothering me is that we don’t get XX on Switch. Nintendo probably doesn’t want to take the bill anymore.

    1. The thing is they went with Nintendo to help push the series because Sony wasn’t doing anything to push it overseas. They asked Sony for help repeatedly to localise it for PSP but they refused. It is Nintendo that raised it’s appeal overseas.

      The reason Sony care now is because they never expected PSP’s success to be so heavily influenced by Monster Hunter (despite them knowing how many PSPs it pushed). When Vita flopped because 3DS had it and Vita didn’t they suddenly realised just how important it was to their success.

      Vita wouldn’t have failed completely if Monster Hunter had reached it day and date with 3DS. That is why Sony suddenly pretend they care about it.

      1. Give Switch XX, and let MH be on PC where it belongs to. That series have always been about the best gameplay in the world, and great graphic. PC is the only place who can justify this enough. I don’t think Sony and MS are much behind this, Capcom just knows MH is their only shot of survival; and are going for it hard.

        XX will probably not be here for a while. Stories just released and World in January. No time for huge sales numbers for XX here.

        You’re the first one I’ve ever seen that says MH was the reason Vita flopped. Everyone else says it’s because of it hasn’t Pokémon lol. Good to see you have a head between your shoulders.

      2. I know that about Sony and Capcom didn’t get along to well about MH. I just responded with what I did because there are SO MANY here stating Sony is stealing this from Nintendo, without even knowing where MH originated from in the first place. And again, I don’t think Sony and MS are too much behind this. Capcom is just desperate.

      3. I am in no way opposed to other people getting Monster Hunter. It was obvious it was going to happen eventually because Capcom have to get it in the hands of as many people as possible.

        In reality if what the 4Chan user said is true it works out better for all ends. If Switch is getting it’s own mainline Monster Hunter then it can be built around the technical capabilities of Switch and not just be a gimped port. On the other end the consoles get their own experience built around their strengths so the deal can still work out.

        In regards to Vita just type PSP third party support on Google. Yoshida used Monster Hunter as an example for PSPs success. If it had launched on Vita people would have seen the superior graphical power and dual analogue controls as a better option. A lot knew Monster Hunter not being there would hurt Vita but nobody expected it would be a blow it would never recover from.

    2. Doubt it, i really dont think that Capcom, the same company that said that they were sticking to making games for handhelds because it was ‘cheaper’ and sctually profitable is suddenly going to put their biggest IP on a home console. Specially when they have established a fanbase not only with Nintendo, but with the handheld market.

      This is the same company that has been churning out remakes, and released SFV exclusively for PS4 because without Sony it wouldnt have been posdible, or Deep Down (whenever the fucken releases) because Sony is funding it. They also gave Sony a 3 month launch exclusivity for MvC 2 on PS4, and trust me, if Capcom and Sony werent seeing eye yo eye, these thi gs wouldnt be happening. In the end though, its all bussiness and if Sony wants its console to keep dominating, then theyll do whatever they can yo do it.

      It just pisses me off when they say theyre for the player, when theyre really only about their brand.

      1. ||Both Xbots and Sonyans have never been about the gamer, not since the PS2 once they sold themsevles to multimedia nonsense that got 99.7% of you brainwashed forever with…||

      2. The brand that they’re trying make is that Sony is for the players. Many people think that, but it’s all about marketing. And they’re a company so it’s always about money, so don’t get pissed off by that. They just say what the consumer want to hear. Nintendo is money first, us later. Everyone are.

        But if Sony paid Capcom to stay away from Switch, why not their biggest competitor, Microsoft? Doesn’t seems right to me. Yeah, ofc Sony have paid them for some benefits like PS4 MH edition in Japan (where Xbox doesn’t sell well anyway) but then again. Is it that impossible to think it maybe was too hard/expensive to get MHW running on Switch? Maybe it won’t do in a proper way at this point? I seriously don’t see it ABSOLUTELY MUST be Sony who sabotaged this?

        Just for the record: I don’t approve buying other platforms out. I hate it.

        1. Oh I agree, but Nintendo doesnt say that they are for the player. Sony has (in their marketing,) it shouldnt bother me since I have a PS4, but it irks the living crap out of me when they lie (which is the reason why I have a bone to pick with that turd reggie.)

          Is MS really a competitor? I mean, at least when it comes to MH? The MH series is a threat to Sony on the Nintendo platform. The 3ds is the one that had MH and was selling millions, not the xbox, so locking an exclusivity deal in japan is strange specially since theyre only a handful of of XBO’s over there.

          As I said on my previous reply, the MT Framework engine is old, if the Wii U could run a modified MT framework 2.x, then the switch can run a modified MT framework 2. Now, had they said that MHW was using their new Panta Rhei engine, I wouldve kept my mouth shut because theres no way that the switch could run it. Hell, the XBO has frame dips runing RE7, and that game was very linear. But the switch can definitely run an engine that even the Wii U was running.

          1. I was going to mention Reggie as well :P but you did it for me lol
            But if MS did sell more MH because of the 1440p mode f.example, that would directly hurt Sony. It would as well with the Switch, but Switch-owners are a little bit of a different segment. Xbox vs PS is the same. But hey, this is speculation anyway. It isn’t (to me at least) something to fight over.

            Switch got more RAM because of a request from Capcom, or so the story goes. They wanted it to make sure their new engine could run there. So I wouldn’t count out Panta Rhei games for Switch. Probably just need some good ol’ optimisation.

            I MHW isn’t probably impossible to get running AT ALL on the Switch, I just be the economical situation of Capcom, it’s probably impossible to get a decent result in the near future for such an open game. The older games have loading screens between areas because of hardware limitation. World removes this, and that is probably the main reason we don’t have it. Speculation from my side. But it might work with time?

            1. Oh trust me, ive been on the ‘get rid of reggie’ boat for years. That man boils my blood 😅

              Hmm, I completly forgot about the XBO X, thats true, a “superior” version could indeed take away units and even sell more XBO sku’s if that was the case. I cant believe I completly over looked the XBO X as even a thing.

              Anything is seriously possible. I still doubt that the switch isnt being able to run it, isnt breath of the wild a huge open world game? and im more in that camp that Sony saw a struggling company with a juggernaut IP and capitalized on it.

              1. Monster Hunter is a bit more detailed than BotW I would say. But people tend to praise BotW a bit more than deserved on the graphics. Not that it isn’t impressive as a handheld, but you know what I mean.
                MH also have to draw 4 hunters, some “cats” and more than 1 monster at times plus the detailed environment. Zelda has a cartoon ish style, and A Hat in Time creator says it looks better for less resources; MH is more realistic. But again. I’m no egineer and BotW was a Wii U-port with probably weak optimisation. I will run Doom, Wolfenstain… stein and MHW on my PC when times comes to see how it performs. If MHW demands much the same as the other two, then we can at least say with more certainty that something fishy was going on.

                1. Do keep us up to date with that. I would like to see how taxing MHW is, and how much of a difference theres between it and Doom. Although im sure MHW is going to be more taxing as you said, since its multiplayer and open. But I would like to know with mpre certainty if you don’t mind.

  3. Sony must’ve payed a lot of money for Capcom to ignore the Switch. I mean, whether it was PSP or 3DS Monster Hunter has always sold better on portables than home console.

    Like someone above said, good luck with your sales Capcom.

    1. MHW will appear on Xbox and PC as well, and look at that graphics and gameplay. I don’t think Switch would have a chance to run that properly without serious watering down and low frame rate. I don’t think Sony is behind this, if Capcom could, I’m sure they would’ve released it on Switch as well. They’re desperate and MH is keeping them alive.

        1. You might be right. I can’t say anything for sure, but I played through Doom, and MHW is a far more open game than Doom, and that is demanding. MHW PC is delayed to release after console launch, so it might just be they don’t have time or money for a Switch-port atm.

          I also tried MHXX on Switch, and that game even have frame drops on 30fps mode. I think it would be hard to get MHW to run great on Switch. Doom-porters said it was “wicked hard” to get it run on Switch.
          I can’t say anything for sure, but that’s my guess.

          1. I’m sure it could run with effort put behind it. MHXX was likely ported from 3DS with little optimization. We know the Switch could run more demanding games than an uprezzed 3DS port.

            1. You might be right. We’ll just have to se what the future brings us. I’ll compare the performance on MHW to Wolfenstain… stein 2, and Doom on PC to see if there is a gap there. If MHW demand much less than those two, it should’ve been on the Switch as well.

        2. Just checked. 3DS is running the MT Framework Mobile version. That’s not what they’re using on PC, PS4 nor Xbox. Does this matter? Might be. I have to research this better.

      1. Theyve been using that Multi Thread engine since the Ps3 launched, the one being used for Monter Hunter Worlds is the same one but modified. If the 3ds could run it (albeit, a modefied lite version) then the Switch can clearly run it, not only that but if the Switch is imdeed stronger than yhe Wii U, which Ran RE Revelations (which used the MT Framework 2.? engine) then the switch can clearly run MHW.

        I honestly don’t get why you keep saying (youve brought it up on a couple of comments above) that the series is about graphics when even on the PS2, its never looked that good. So them lowering pixel count for a switch shouldnt matter. It didnt matter during the PSP days, or the 3DS days, it shouldn’t matter now.

        Now, Capcom has stated that theyre aiming for 30fps at least on all platforms, again, the Switch could be capped at 30.

          1. I dont think your againt it either, I just think that you dont think Sony is beyond this. I dont think theyre douches either, but I do believe theyll go where the money is at, they are still struggling after all.

            1. Sony is paying them: I can see that as well. I just don’t think they’ve sabotaged for Nintendo. There are so many factors out there it could be anything. But I won’t deny that it’s a probability. That would be stupid.

              1. I agree, but I do think theyre sabotaging Nintendo, just not indirectly. It comes with the territory though, you lock exclusivity, and its bound to leave someone or something behind. Wether it was done on purpose or not, it clearly left Ninty whittling theyre thumbs. I do want to find out what went on behind the scenes, or anything regarding capcom. They seem to be in a real interesting place as of late.

        1. 3DS didn’t use MT Framework Lite, it was PS3 and Wii. 3DS used MT Framework Mobile. I’m no game engineer, but I do think it would be hard to get MHW on Switch. Am I a Nintendo hater for thinking such?

        2. 30 fps on MHW? If you’re thinking on the series as a whole, MH4U f.example. Had 60 fps. But I didn’t quite get that part. Did you mean World you can forget about this. They won’t cap the PC-version though ;P trollolol

          MH have been about graphics too me at least, and they have used Cry Engine for some of their PC-titles, so that speaks graphics by itself. Unite could use more of the hardware on the cost of more battery on PSP, not unique to that title, but still. At least to me it was a lot about the graphic, and it was so for them I’ve played it. Many was angry about the 3DS since it had “weak” hardware (It didn’t bother me, I was just glad for new titles).

          That’s what I think. I don’t judge anyone for hoping to get it on Switch and I think it’s stupid not to let as many people as possible get the hands on the world greatest series.

          1. They’re not locking it at 30, theyre aiming for at least 30 on all platforms. So if thats theyre aim, then running it on the switch and locking it at 30 shouldnt be an excuse. Lol, im sure someone out there will run it at 240fps and claim superiority. Smh.

            I will agree that pancake face wasnt as noticeable until the 3DS games, but to me personally, theyve never been graphically intensive. I will say, that if this game, looks anything like dragons dogma, I will have to reconsider buying it. Maybe its just my bad memory, but that game was beautiful.

            I whole heartedly agree with you on that last part.

            1. Dragons Dogma looked great back in the day. Revisited it on the PC-version released last year, and it looks good. But MHW looks like something next gen to me. I don’t think I can wait for the PC-release, and buy it for consoles first. But THAT’S probably something Sony paid for :P keep it off PC, just like Destiny.

      1. ||They can make solid weapons but they cannot innovate anymore either…||

  4. That really is too bad. I thoroughly enjoyed it on the U, and was hoping Switch owners would enjoy it as well.

    Nintendo didn’t want to pay up is all.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think anybody is sabotaging anyone here. But we could get XX. I’ve tested the Japanese version and it looks great on Switch compared to 3DS.

        1. I was hoping to get it before MHW, because I don’t know if I’m going back from that game lol. But it’s highly unlikely to get MHXX before MHW. Might before PC since that port comes later, but I doubt even that.

          Would probably be better if we got a brand new MH which takes the advantage of the Switch hardware. For my part it would be great with another spin-off to distinguish it from MHW, but not as far as MH Stories :P Good game and all, but Switch-only owners deserve a more traditional MH.

    1. They released a list of how many units each series has pushed a while back. It sucks, but even though were very vocal about MM, apparently, we dont vote eith our wallets. MM was one of their worst selling IP’s and Inafune was the biggest reason they kept making them. I doubt wellever see a real megaman game, let alone that 3rd legends game.

      1. Do you still believe Megaman Legends 3 will come out? Because I’m not believe this game will came out from nowhere.

        Megaman is selling bad because Crapcom is giving to fans the same F****** games. That’s why Megaman is the worst IP for the sells.

        1. I shouldnt say never, cause im sure one day some one else is going to run that company or someone else is going to own that IP. But no, I dont think MML3 will release any time soon. I wamt to say that IP is dead, but you never know.

          That list was from last generation. From around the time MM8 and MM9 released. The way the released it was a bit weird though, but I agree, all capcom has been doing is re releasing old games and giving us the same shit over and over again.

  5. Well, guess what, I have no plans to buy any of Capcom games ever. Apart for specific franchises that I know the won’t make anything new or decent, most of their games are crap.

  6. Can someone explain why we can’t just have Monster Hunter XX then ? It’s not rocket science localize XX and you’ll make the Nintendo fans happy with something you know will run on Switch. Heck if you wanted even take a look at the sales use it as a measuring stick for if World would sell well. Let the sales speak for themselves one way or the other

    1. It stated why longer up here. It’s because it’s coming between Stories and World, and they’re afraid of people in the west are tired from Generations.

  7. *shrug* Whether Sony paid money or not, it’s no problem for me as I got my own PS4 so whatever. Still, sucks for those that can’t afford a Switch AND a PS4, Xbox One, or a gaming PC. Those are the only people I feel sorry for. The rest of you are just shit out of luck if you don’t want to buy an extra system or a gaming PC that can play it. Of course, there is the issue of no cross platform play but that doesn’t bother me at the moment. Sony will probably change their tune once enough of their customers start demanding it, anyway. If not, they better be ready for the backlash.

  8. ||Xbots are behind this as usual, they even manipulated the Sonyan imbeciles to do this because they offered them a deal behind the scenes…||

    ||They fear their extinction and so made a deal with their enemy to sabotage our grand design in any way they can but unfortunately for them, their fate has been sealed and will never be changed…||

        1. But they didnt lose Scalebound, they cancelled it. And Sony is a much bigger competition to them than Nintendo is, so I still don’t understand your logic here.

          1. Actually, Horizon Zero Dawn sold around 3.4m. Some games like it sometimes rarely make it past 4m, not counting rereleases. Most Zelda games commonly sell only around that much, if not less sometimes. It’s because of rereleases that some of them went past 4m.

  9. Well, Unless Dragons Dogma gets another entry, or they finally release that almost finished MML. I wont be buying anything Capcom. Sorry for those of you that wanted MH on your switch, but its the way money works.

    1. There has to be a mainline Monster Hunter on Switch eventually. The market will be too big for Capcom to ignore; Its just we don’t know if it will be a gimped port of this or a Monster Hunter built around Switch’s capabilities.

      1. Thats the thing, If Nintendo was like MS or Sony they could lock a deal and fund that MH game. Its insane that Nintendo doesnt do it, and its one of the few things that boggles my mind because MH is a proven success. Nintendo funds it, they distribute it, rake in the profit, and theyre fanbase is happy. Its a MH game on a portable system, its a lock.

        Im sure itll eventually get one, I just hope it isnt a gimped port though. Remember, capcom is still struggling finacially, so that might be a reason why.

    2. Nintendo are probably a little “hurt” because Capcom doesn’t want to keep it Nintendo exclusive anymore, and again: Stories and World would squeeze the profit margin a lot. There will be MH, no doubt. Just when? But still. XX on Switch are running, they got Generations localisation. It can’t be THAT expensive to launch it here.

  10. Oh please Dont start the same old argument of “you’re taking a graphical hit with the SWITCH” yet again. I believe this has become the most convenient scapegoat in 2017 for developers on why certain games wont come to the SWITCH. Lol while smh…..

    They act like the SWITCH runs PS1/ N64 Sin & Punishment visuals. LMFAO

  11. The game will sell below 2 million total and not deemed as a worthy investment, so unless Sony shovels Capcom some money, the series either die or crawl back to portables, probably with microtransactions and loot boxes.

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