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Here’s 50 Minutes Of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 From GameXplain & Nintendo Treehouse

The lucky folks at GameXplain have managed to get some quality hands-on time with the latest build of the gigantic Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch. Not only that, but they were joined by the delightful team over at Nintendo Treehouse. The video avoids spoilers so free to watch until your heart is content.


  1. I would recommend people to avoid coverage of this game ( or any game) if you’re already buying it, it’ll just exhaust excitement and interest once you get to play it yourself, and that’s why the hype for games tends to go down a lot after launch.

      1. I agree with Metakek in regards to some games. But this comment..! xD

    1. Agree, I had to unsubscribe from some YouTubers because their Mario Odyssey vids were coming up on my feed and the would show spoilers about locations and hats and I’m like “well there goes another surprise…”

  2. So I’ve avoided watching much on this and I’ve never played the first, even though I wanted to. Is it fair to say that the gameplay is basically an MMORPG but neither massively multiplayer or online? I’d love something that would scratch the MMO itch of my old days playing Everquest, without having to dedicate my life and lose my wife and children in order to enjoy it. It looked that way from the little I watched.

    1. It’s a JRPG. MMOs are more like western rpg’s in that they’re typically more focused on interaction with the world and its inhabitants (whether they’re npc’s or other players) and tend to have a weaker overarching story. as a result. JRPGs are usually very story-focussed. The benefit of this is that it gives you a set path to follow which can prevent you from getting “lost” in the world. You can always ignore the main story though and go off and do other things if you want.

      The combat in this also might be different than other rpg’s you’ve played. It has an auto attack system where your character and team will automatically continuously attack targeted enemies. You can still freely move your character in battle and you dictate when each member of the team uses different special attacks and combos.

      1. Thank you for that. The combat is what reminded me of an MMO with the auto attacking and triggering your abilities throughout. That and big open fields of mob camps of different levels. And harvesting quests. It struck me as a narrative driven, single player Everquest, which isn’t the worst sounding thing to me.

      2. Ha, back in the day that was pretty much all there was. If you played a warrior in Everquest when it first came out, you would literally stand there, turn on auto attack, and press a taunt button sometimes.

  3. As if I didn’t have enough of a reason to ignore this, Treehouse just makes it even easier to ignore.

  4. I watched a little of the direct (I’m trying to avoid footage until launch), and it made the game look even more awesome. I can’t wait! Love me some Xenoblade.

    1. Zennoblade? As in Zen-noblade? Yeah. That would annoy me as I pronounce it Z-noblade. Same with xenomorph, xenogears, & xenosaga.

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