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The Official ARMS Twitter Has Posted Grainy Footage Of A New Fighter Coming Soon

The official Japanese ARMS Twitter has tweeted out gameplay of what seems to be a new ARMS fighter. However, the gameplay is very vague and grainy, meaning that gamers will likely have more questions than answers. Due to the static effect in the footage and the somewhat obscured angle we have of the battle taking place, we have no idea who the fighter is. The good news is that we will likely find out the character’s identity very soon. As for the tweet itself, we’ve included it down below.

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  1. Still wish they could have had customizable arms and different swappable abilities like splatoon. I loved my time with arms but I haven’t gone back to it cus I didn’t find that addictiveness that splatoon has.

  2. Was just playing this today. It’s a lot more fun when you understand each arm and character abilities as well as when you start playing at a higher level. Also the addition of badges got me hooked to try and collect rare ones 😅

  3. I went back to ARMS a week ago. For me, the action was there, the competition was stiff & neefless to say I had the time of my life.
    It’s really too bad how ARMS is getting “the shaft” due to it’s timing (being launched in the midst of SPLATOON 2 & MARIO KART 8) It’s still a really fun game. The only answer to the problem is for NINTENDO to drop the price from $59.99 to $39.99.

  4. So a new fighter is around the corner…

    Good, I need a reason to get pulled back into the game. I haven’t been playing a lot of Switch lately except for Sonic Forces (which I’m only playing in like half-hour sessions).

  5. I trief Google Translate on the text. It ended up making no sense.

    Caicos ~! I’ve also covered the topic fighter! Well, there were lots of galleries and it was serious.
    Features, is? Something strange was flying near … … fluffy ~. It is like Obake.
    … What is that eye? No, it is seriously a chairman! seriously!

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