The Game Awards 2017 Showing “Two Brand-New Game Worlds”

We haven’t got long to wait until the prestigious The Game Awards 2017 which will take place tomorrow evening. To ramp up the hype for the event, Geoff Keighley, awards’ host and organiser, has revealed to Venture Beat that there will be two brand-new game worlds showcased that have never been seen before. You’ll just have to tune in and watch.

At least two games are brand-new game worlds that no one has ever seen before,” Keighley said. “It becomes a sport to guess which ones they will be.”



    1. ||His entire statement is contradictory, at first he claims they are brand new worlds which means new IPs, afterwards he says people will have to guess which ones they are, claiming by default that they are new iterations of already known IPs…||

      ||His logic is deniable…||

    2. I agree with Commander Quadraxis that it’s kind of hard to decipher the meaning of his message because it is contradictory. If I had to guess, he means “new worlds” within existing IPs such as a brand new planet in the Metroid franchise to explore. I’m not getting my hopes up but if Metroid Prime 4 is shown I just might die from excitement.

  1. One being from Nintendo is a good guess as why would Nintendo randomly start giving away tickets. There’s a reason for it and I think anannouncement is on the way.

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