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Japan: After Eight Weeks Super Mario Odyssey Is The Best-Selling 3D Mario Title

Super Mario Odyssey is a 3D Mario fan’s dream come true and sales for the title have been exceptional worldwide. Interestingly in Japan, Super Mario Odyssey is the best-selling 3D Mario game after eight week of being on sale. Here’s the list of best-sellers:

8 weeks: 3D Mario Ranking Sales by Famitsu (no digital)

1- Super Mario Odyssey: 1.055.806
2- Super Mario 3D Land: 1.042.511
3- Super Mario Galaxy 2: 680.395
4- Super Mario Galaxy: 680.165
5- Super Mario 64 DS: 586.253
6- Super Mario Sunshine: 581.765
7- Super Mario 64: 492.908
8- Super Mario 3d World: 485.013


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!


    1. I’m glad it’s doing well and it’s a great game. But I still think it’s inferior to the Galaxy games. Also inferior to Mario 64. And I hate to say this, but I really had more fun with Mario 3d World. Maybe because I got that game during Christmas and that made it more memorable? Maybe j should have waited for the holidays to play Odyssey? I don’t know, but it’s really my least favorite 3d Mario game… but it’s still really good.

      1. Least? Wow, pretty bad. I hope it’s far better than Sunshine because that one was a real letdown for me.
        I hope it’s a joy to play.

      2. “Maybe because I got that game during Christmas and that made it more memorable? ”

        You do not need to make excuses. 3D World was a better game. I could write a short book on the problems with Odyssey people refuse to acknowledge because of how expertly crafted the game is on a technical level.

      3. I’m glad it’s not just me. I don’t have the game but I’ve played it pretty extensively at a friends house and it’s fun and well made but there’s something that just wasn’t enchanting me about it. I think part of it is that the amount of moons available in a certain area kind of takes away some of the sense of achievement and makes it feel more like red coin challenges in previous Mario games. It also felt like I was wandering around aimlessly which I never had that sense of in previous sandbox Mario games.

        Still, it’s the game I’m going to get a Switch for.

    2. “Didn’t quite realise how disappointing 3D Mario sales had been in Japan! ”

      3D Mario sales are pretty disappointing everywhere compared to his 2D counterpart. Even when they put no effort into the 2D games, like NSMB or NSMBU, they still beat the supposed “console sellers” of Galaxy and 3D World. Mario 64, in spite of its nostalgic glow, was one of the most disappointing sellers of the franchise, marking a huge sales step down from the rest of the series. It seems Nintendo agrees with its more hardcore fans though, because no matter how well 2D sells and 3D doesn’t, they flatly refuse to put serious effort or an orchestral soundtrack to a new 2D Mario game for me.

  1. Still Zelda got the ‘goty’, so I assume it isn’t the ‘perfect game’ like Super Mario 64. I still prefer (SM64) it over the last Zelda.
    I haven’t played Odissey, will start it in one week.
    Sunshine: undeserved.

  2. Seeing such abysmal sales for 3D World makes me happy. That game was a total waste of time when they could have been developing a real 3D Mario for the Wii U.

    Though, Galaxy selling that low is really sad.

  3. This article title is deceiving. It makes you think that Super Mario Odyssey surpassed the lifetime sales of the other 3D Mario games in just 8 weeks. But the numbers you posted are for each game’s sales after 8 weeks. So really you should be saying “FASTEST-selling” rather than “BEST-selling” to describe the way it is selling. It still has a ways to go to be the best-selling 3D Mario game.

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