Nintendo Switch

The Verge: Why The Nintendo Switch Is The Most Innovative Console In Years

The Verge have praised the Nintendo Switch in a recent video taking a look at the system and seeing how it fits into consumers lives. Interestingly they proclaim that the popular console is the most innovative we have had in years – which is high praise indeed. Here’s what they had to say in the video which has been highlighted by Reset Era member Phantom Thief.

  • The Switch’s innovation not in necessarily doing anything new, but in taking the best ideas from previous hardware, and incorporating them all into one seamless and slick package
  • How the Switch’s inherent appeal means that even the shortcomings it does have are easily forgiven
  • The context of Nintendo’s failing console market which has been reinvigorated by the Switch
  • The early encouraging signs of support from indie, Japanese, and even AAA third parties
  • Nintendo’s decision to launch Mario and Zelda to instantly associate appeal with the Switch
  • The Switch’s success with 10 million units sold, which gives Nintendo cachet to keep games flowing on the system thanks to third parties, while it works on bringing more of its own titles over

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    1. Not yet. It’s good but there’s room for improvement…plenty of them. We need an X2/X3 model in a few years down the road, improved battery, higher storage…MUCH higher with external HDD support, slightly enlarged JoyCons for bigger hands, Streetpass and download play to return for the Switch console/games and Bluetooth support for microphone headsets. None of that mobile phone chat app crap.


      1. Don’t worry. Nintendo will some of your request for now. Let them have some relax for christmas


  1. It’s amazing how many Sony innovations came from Nintendo. There’s the Dual Shock controller, which came shortly after the N64 Rumble Pack and N64 controller’s control stick. Then Playstation Move. Even the PlayStation itself started out as a Nintendo/Sony CD based system.
    Also, I’m not too sure, but I’d bet there would be no PSP or Vita without the Gameboy’s success.


    1. Exactly. PS wouldn’t exist without Nintendo and I’m hearing these queers bashing about how Sony is superior. They’re only superior because of Nintendo’s slipping from the N64. Surprisingly the Wii/DS beat them without a mere fraction of power and sold more by 1:4 margin. 3DS still sold more than the PS4 which is a shock considering how popular it is. Now Sony has to somehow deal with the Switch’s innovative juggernaut of combining powers of AAA home console experience with the portability convenience of a handheld without ripping them off which is too much to ask for them because we all know they’re ITCHING to copycat Nintendo again.


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