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Italy: The Nintendo Switch Is Selling Faster Than The Wii

It would seem as though Italian gamers are lapping up the Nintendo Switch as the console is currently selling faster than the phenomenon that was the Wii. The system is now the fastest-selling console ever in Italy, following the same trend as North America.

” Switch is selling faster than Wii for the firsts 10 months since launch”.

“Switch sales are very Satisfied, and we are confident in 2018 success thanks new and important games like Kirby Star allies, Bayonetta 2, Dragon Quest builders, a new game from the Yoshi and a quality line up including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, game of the year at The Games Award, Super Mario Odyssey, the best family game, but also ARMS, SPLATOON 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2”

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  1. Ok everyone I have to say one thing.
    I live in Italy and after I read this, it makes me happy but the fact is where the f*** are those people who bought the Switch?
    I bought the Nintendo Switch at day one and only 3 person bought the Switch that day from the GameStop near my house. In the university most people preffer the PS4 in compares to the Switch.

    In summary, I want to play games with real Nintendo fans and not with some dumb people that says Nintendo is cool but it’s for kids here in Italy

    PS: I live in Naples

    1. Carissimo, se cerchi un clan di Switch Owners per fare partite, condividere commenti e giochi comprati e pareri o fare leghe su splatoon o stanze su MK o che, fammi sapere…abbiamo un clan di nome WsT di una decina di persone.

      Have fun tho, :)

  2. The WII had to compete with the PS3 and Xbox 360 right now they don’t have to cause everyone already owns one. On top of that I do remember all the casuals started buying it after a year or two cause they never bought consoles before WII golf and Bowling got hyped in local Bars and such.

  3. I would have never bet on it. If it can take Italy then it can take everything (well, except UK?). ;p
    Italy was ever a PlayStation land, and I do (actually) see a more capillar distribution from PlayStation.
    I share Reaver’s same doubts, I haven’t seen the Switch distribuited in many stores, I have seen it heavily criticized everywhere (people here talk so much about performance), so many criticize its lineup. Maybe could it be just Nintendo’s best selling console ever?

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