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NPD: Nintendo Switch Was Apparently The Best-Selling System In December

Aaron Greenberg, Head of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, has revealed on Twitter that it was the Nintendo Switch that was the best-selling system in North America during the month of December. He also mentioned that the Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4, but couldn’t dethrone the Nintendo Switch. Official numbers should appear soon.

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        1. I would allow them to weaken out other enemy: Sony. Then go in for the kill or better, let them kill each other and we take over their lands and resources once they’re exhausted. XP There are other ways to defeat them.

          1. ||The Xbots are not gamers, there are no middle-grounds here, period…||

              1. ||That is why we will all savour as humans say, their slow agonizing torture until death…||

    1. It actually turned out to be a decent console. It’s got plenty to do on it. I’d say if you’re seriously into games and have plenty of time for them, but can only choose one console, it’s not the best choice; but it is a good fit for some people.

      When the X1S released, I chose it over a new PS4, not because I thought it was a better system, but because it simply fit into my life and daily routine better.

    2. It’s the American company of the three options. Americans have cultural ties to it, just as non-japanese consoles have a harder time in japan. It just happens that the Xbox is also the worst console, so instead of dominating North America, NA just keeps it afloat.

      1. What?
        Nintendo and Sony consistently outsell XBOX in America, it just so happens that a metric fuckton of people already have a PS4, so the vast majority aren’t going to buy another one, are they?
        No, they’re going to get either an XBOX or a Switch.

    3. Why not? Got it for my sister with Halo 1-5 bundle and my bro got one for Forza Horizon 3. At least Xbox does backward compatibility and cross play like Nintendo. Sony however…

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