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Team Comedy Wins In Latest Splatoon 2 Splatfest

It was a very close call but Team Comedy has won the latest Splatoon 2 Splatfest! Players were asked to choose their favourite film genre, giving fans the choice between action or comedy. As you can see below, action won the most amounts of votes but when it came down to turf war, comedy prevailed.




      1. If one side gets shitton more support/wins but the other side somehow wins, it’s rigged and I just stop caring for competing what’s essentially fixed.


      2. Are you stupid? You think that just because one team is more popular it therefore should win? It’s not based on number of wins, it’s based on win PERCENTAGE. If it was total wins then it would just be a popularity contest and there’d be no point in playing.

        Don’t be a salty bitch just because your team lost, kid. Lmao


      3. That’s the point you asswipe. Ketchup had a lot more support which was 10:1 so how in the name of fuck mayo won with such slim representation? That’s not even remotely about being salty you dumb piece of shit. Look at the numbers. It makes no fucking sense.


  1. Wow, so crazy. I actually felt like I kicked butt this time for Team Action. I was 4 or 5 games over .500. Last couple times I lost more than I won, but my side still won the Splatfest, lol. It’s nuts too that Action was so much more popular than Comedy, but lost both battle segments. Well, it was still super fun, so whatevs…


  2. lol 2nd time I choose Pearls side and I still lost this Splatfest. I HAV LOST EVERY DAMN SINGLE SPLATFEST!!! >.< (seriously I will always stick to my fav. choice in splatfests but seriously this sucks lmao)


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