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GDC State Of Industry Shows Developer Interest In The Nintendo Switch Is Surging

The results of the sixth annual State of the Industry Survey are now in and with it comes news that developer interest in the immensely popular Nintendo Switch has surged. Gamasutra reports that 12% of developers are currently developing titles on the platform, compared to 3% last year. Even more developers – 15% of respondents – said that they are planning to make their next game available on the platform. Here’s all the details you need to know:

Interest in Nintendo Switch development rising, with 1 in 3 developers interested

Since its successful launch in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has already gained significant mindshare among developers, with 12% currently developing titles on the platform, compared to 3% last year. Even more developers – 15% of respondents – said that they are planning to make their next game available on the platform, a sharp increase from last year’s survey in which only 5% said the same.

When asked which platforms (if any) interested developers the most, 36% of respondents answered Nintendo Switch, a strong showing that only places it below more established platforms like PC (59%) and PS4/Pro (39%). The Nintendo Switch even managed to garner more developer interest than the Xbox One/X, which received 28%.

Most developers’ games sell as well or better on Switch as other consoles

Despite the comparatively smaller size of the Switch’s install base versus competing consoles, 28% of respondents have said that their games have sold better than average on Switch, while 23% said their sales on Switch have been average. Only 16% of respondents said their games have sold less on Switch than other consoles.

Considering that 33% of respondents said this question didn’t apply to them, we conclude that 76% of respondents who launched a game on Switch saw sales match or exceed those on other platforms. As the amount of games available on Switch swiftly rises, it’ll be interesting to see how this statistic changes in upcoming years.


27 thoughts on “GDC State Of Industry Shows Developer Interest In The Nintendo Switch Is Surging”

    1. Actually, XBOX fans got a HUGE win yesterday. Im guessing you havent heard though. I suggest looking into it, it might change the way both Sony and Nintendo release first party games in the future.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||That is if you want to alienate everyone that buys physical products, want to destroy retailers, statistics, and just another step into delude you all into thinking that you own those weapons when in fact it is just another glorified loaning system, further taking away your option to do as you please with what you own…||

        ||They must be destroyed even faster than I thought before they start infecting the Sonyans with this nonsese…||

        1. I mean, gamepass is exactly just that, a game pass. its what theyve been advertising from the getgo, a rental service, so I dont see why anyone would think otherwise. If you dont own the games, then you cant do as you please with them, and again, this is a rental service, just like Netflix or Hulu, or as rumors would lead to believe, its what Nintendo plans to do with the Switch’s VC. Are you against that too? Or is Ninty exempt from that because of fanboy reasons?

          Its funny, you always seem to find a bad light with whatever MS comes up with, but truth is, what you just described is exactly what PC has been doing for years, but yet they dont get any shit for that. In the contrary, people praise Gabe for what hes done with steam, and if retailers are taken out of the equation then games at steam prices would be do-able on a home console. Are you against that too?

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||If High Command did it concerning new weapons then I would be against it, but VC, we know that the cattle will rebuy old weaponry several times over anyway so why not have a similar system for the old products…||

            ||Because they are evil and I won’t be satisfied until they are completely gone from the gaming realm…||

            ||The biggest problem regarding all of this is always the same, and not only within our realm but basically all realms, the digitalisation and the surrender of your lives because convenience is somehow better than logic for most…||

      2. If you’re talking about that gamer pass then I imagine you were probably one of the people saying vr was the future of gaming a couple of years ago. Enjoy your two exclusives a year anyway.

        1. Hell no! Lol I have been shitting on it since day one. VR is a cool experience but its not really for gaming. Lol oh hey thank you! I will enjoy those 2, plus whatever else I get. I already pay for Game Pass so this a HUGE plus. If you dont think itll change anything then I can say is, dont bite your words when it does.

      3. As a Nintendo fan, I try not to call other companies’ attempts at innovation just gimmicks or passing fads. Microsoft’s plan, unlike their push in 2013, actually saves consumers’ money, can be beneficial to smaller developers that piggy bank on for an almost F2P boost to their player base, and yes, takes money from used market retailers. I’ve always found the used market to be damaging to developers, so I don’t mind that either.

        Now it IS fair to criticize digital sales as renting, not owning. I’m fully aware that my massive Steam library doesn’t truly belong to me. That’s part of the reason Microsoft failed when they pushed to copy Valve without also offering the same value and convenience of Steam. Nintendo has less reason to push for a digital system like this, because so much of their software sales are first party, but you better believe there’s a reason they try to encourage digital sales with their gold coin reward system: they also want the distribution cut instead of giving it to the retailer.

        1. Agree and agree, plus Nintendo never really ride any waves, they usually do theyre own thing, or at least used to. They have changed a lot since Iwata’s passing (r.i.p.) they were so predictable but now they seem to be doing the exact opposite of what we expect them to do. Of course theyre online infrastructure needs work but I do see Ninty go that way, specially IF they’re VC goes the netflix way.

        1. What does the console “war” have anything to do with Game Pass and what its becoming?
          Also, come on, lets not talk about sales when the PS4 cleaned up the Wii U for almost 4 years. 😑 I suggest checking your fanboyism at the door.

          1. You honestly think I would consider using Wii U as an example? lol You’re funny and also, PS4 has no backward games and denies crossplay while acting pissy about the Switch kicking it’s ass. How’s that for checking “fanboyism” out the door?

            1. Why wouldnt you use it? Its in the same generation as the PS4 and XBO. Or is it not convenient for your argument? Are forgetting the abysmal draughts that we endured, and the mediocre sales it pushed? The lack of 3rd party? And subpar resolution on most of its games? 🤣 please, the PS4 is cleaning up. If you knew anythimg about me you would know that the PS4 is my least favorite console this generation and I shit on Sony at any opportunity, but that doesnt mean ill ignore facts. And fact is that the PS4 demolished the Wii U and is killing the XBO.

      4. You do remember when the Xbox One announced that it wouldn’t use physical discs for anything more than authentication and it completely decimated the launch of the platorm and forfeited the entire generation to Sony right?

        1. They also said that you wouldnt be able to share games, that the kinect was crusial to the console, they focused too much on TV, constant online DRM check ins, and pretty much crapped all over themselves. Digital was actually one of their pluses because you were given the choice to sell your digital copies, and people turned on them, it wasnt the digital sales but a slate of things that just amounted to that shitfest launch.

          I also remember when Sony started charging for online and claimed only developers that wanted to charged for online could (then proceeded to say that 1st party games wouldnt need it,) that they were all about the gamer and games, and as of right now most if not all 1st party games require PS Plus to play online. They have now released 2 seasons of power and have been pushing PS Vue, and even though they said they wouldnt add any form of DRM they added DRM to accounts, that require you to be online to play games, even single player games. Do they get shit for it? Of course not, the PS loyalist will defend Sony regardless of how much of a hypocrite it makes them, because of reasons that only make sense to fanboys.

          Now, I only bring that up because I want people to remember that MS isnt the only liar in this race, both of them lie, but the fanboys will defend their box at all cost, it has little to nothing to do with your comment lol.

          As for the game pass, it doesnt replace physical copies. It only entices people to subscribe to the service that is just what its called, a game pass. Its a rental service. Its nothing like what they announced at launch. This is Netflix for games, that now will include all of their 1st party games, and theyre getting praised for it unlike the initial reaction whem the XBO launched.

  1. This is great news. It’s good to see that more and more 3rd parties are starting to believe in the Switch. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming next from the 3rd party side in the near future

    1. There’s always a salty hater… 🙄
      Dude, a lot of content here is actually sourced from other websites AND they always credit them by adding a “Source” link at the end of each post. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    2. I use this site primarily as a collection of gaming news. That’s it’s function. When things are interesting, I follow the source. There’s no way this is stealing views from Gamasutra, but it does introduce new readers to it. Gamasutra is great if you work in the game industry, but not so useful for your average Nintendo fan, which wouldn’t be going to Gamesutra otherwise.

      Not a single word on this page has been plagiarized.

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  3. Not according to major dumbass/selfish third parties that I would love to list again here that aren’t giving a fuck about the super popular goldmind that is Nintendo Switch.

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