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Tetsuya Takahashi Shares A Message To Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Fans

Tetsuya Takahashi, who is the director of the gigantic Xenoblade Chronicles 2, has a message to share to his fans. Speaking to consumers Takahashi thanked everyone who purchased the JRPG and hopes that players will want to invest in the Expansion Pass.

“Good day to everyone who has bought Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This is Takahashi from Monolith Soft. I’m glad to have a chance to deliver my speech directly to everyone by using email this time.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a scenario-based RPG that inherits the gameplay system from its prequel Xenoblade Chronicles. Being scenario-based, some people may think “is this game just about pursuing the main story?” But this game is different. It has a lot more features than just the story, such as exploring a vast world, raising characters and the various blades, beating strong monsters, and so many quests. You’ll need a lot of time to enjoy all of the replay value, but you don’t need to hurry.

Soon, the Advanced New Game Mode (a.k.a. second playthrough / New Game+) will be implemented for all players. Other than that, additional quests and story will be given to those who have bought the Expansion Pass. We are planning for this content to make Xenoblade Chronicles 2 playable worldwide in an even longer term, so please play at your own relaxed pace. Finally, please continue supporting Xenoblade Chronicles 2!”

– General director Tetsuya Takahashi (Monolith Soft)



17 thoughts on “Tetsuya Takahashi Shares A Message To Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Fans”

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  2. Worth every penny so far. 120 hours in to it and I haven’t even beaten it yet. So much to do and so much fun. :D

    1. I’m almost 79 hours in it. It’s cool to upgrade the blades and do the merc quests, I’ve been so into at doing the blades upgrades and chasing the right skills than sometimes I forget the main quest XD

  3. I keep seeing the expansion pass but never really know what it’s all about. It looked like it came with a bunch of crap you don’t need. Legendary and rare cores, I’m not interested in. Everything is acquirable in the game. If it was a new map content or dungeons, maybe…. but right now the game plays great.

    1. It will have some new story content later this year. If you don’t feel the stuff that has been released already or coming soon is worth it then maybe wait to see what that is all about.

    2. The Poppi stuff was actually pretty useful, but then I eventually replaced Rex with a different character for the rest of the game, won’t say for spoiler reasons. The expansion pass still has that story dlc for the last quarter, but the question is how immense it will be.

  4. So far I’m only 10 hours into the gane but I really think this is my favorite Switch game so far. Having played Xeno Chrons 1 on my 3DS, I saw a lot of features on the game that were better off in portable, like grinding, but also a lot of stuff that really needed to be seen on the big screen, like the stories and worlds, so I really think this is the game to show off the Switch’s versatility.

  5. I’m holding out on DLC too. I’ve seen no evidence of story content in the mold of a 2nd campaign. I’m not really interested in paying a premium for in game items and a few side-quests.

  6. I have never played a Xenoblade game, this is my first and I’m having a great time with it!
    I was not liking that much in the first hours, but then that I understand the mechanics and spent more time in it I could see how great this game is. ^^

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