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Nintendo 3DS Sales Have Decreased Nine Percent Year-On-Year

It was bound to happen with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch so it doesn’t come as a suprise to hear that Nintendo has reported today that Nintendo 3DS hardware sales have decreased nine percent year-on-year. Software sales were also down 33 per cent during the same period. However, the company has said that “sales grew during the holiday season in the US” and that “sales of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon have grown to 7.17 million units.”




  1. The 3DS is a dying platform being kept alive by Pokémon. As much as I loved the system over the years it’s time for it to go, but I fully expect Nintendo to wait for Sony to announce the Vita is done. Once Pokémon hits the Switch it’ll be over. I just hope that once there isn’t a dedicated handheld from Nintendo we will still see the smaller supplemental Zelda titles that we have gotten between larger releases, I need my top down zelda fix. Same goes for 2d Metroid.

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      1. Of course it was not an abandonment. After all, the new 3ds/2ds xl is the best alternative for someone who can’t or doesn’t want to buy a switch and wants something more portable, with cheaper but excellent games. Such a succesful console, that keeps ”printing” money, can’t and won’t die that easy. It’s was also expected that the new baby (Switch), will get most of attention and support in it’s first years. That doesn’t necessarily mean ”sudden death” for the 3ds.


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