Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Has Outsold Lifetime Wii U Sales In Just 10 Months

Nintendo has announced during its earnings that the Nintendo Switch has now outsold the Wii U lifetime sales in the short space of ten months. The Nintendo Switch’s first 10 months on sale, ending December 31st 2017, saw the company shift 14.86 million units. The Wii U sold 13.56 million units during its lifetime. Kotaku reports that Nintendo’s latest platform is currently on pace to cross 15 million units year one. This puts it on par with year one worldwide sales for the PlayStation 4.




      1. Very true. I feel like the Wii U is a dreamcast in similar ways. It had great games, new innovative ideas. But just never caught on. I’m glad Nintendo is headed strong though


  1. This is great for Nintendo, it’s fans and gaming in general. It’s also nice to go to my fave Nintendo sites (MNN best of course) and see that every day there is something new and those amazing indie games filling in the gaps nicely so far. It was tough during the Wii Us last year as some sites had no new story’s to cover, I thought they had shut down sometimes . For Nintendo and everyone one involved with Nintendo, this is definatly time to celebrate !

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  2. the only reaso i still have my wii u is for smash brothers. once or if it ever releases as a port or a new title completely., im going to sell it. I never power it on anymore except to play smash bros.


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