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Super Mario Odyssey Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi Addresses Why Mario Has Nipples But No Belly Button

One of the most surprising things in Super Mario Odyssey is arguably related to how Mario has clearly visible nipples in the game. Fans had all sorts of reactions to this aspect and immediately questioned why they couldn’t see Mario’s belly button as well. In an official developer talk from Nintendo, Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi addresses this particular issue. You can hear his comments via the video below:



      1. No it’s not. It’s an origin prequel to the canon Mario Bros. series (manly Bros. 4/World) explaining more of the Yoshi race and how they met the Mario Bros.


      2. Odyssey? Remember, Donkey Kong and Mario had a history together and they started together with the arcade games before moving into the console market and departed ways with their separate series. But from time to time, they do clash or team up again like Mario vs. Donkey Kong so them paying a homage to DK arcade in Odyssey makes sense because it’s how it all began. Also, it explains more about where Mario/Pauline came from so that’s a bonus to which even Sonic himself couldn’t get right. As for Punch-Out, it’s just an idea for a Bowser boss fight. Look at Arms; it’s practically a successor to Punch-Out.


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