Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Appears To Only Record Play Times For 1 Year. Play Times Of Day-One Titles Are Being Reset

It has come to light today that the Nintendo Switch only records gameplay data for up to one year. The news comes on the one year anniversary on the Nintendo Switch. Reset Era member Executive Taxi lives in Australia which is celebrating the anniversary today and has noticed that play times of day one launch titles have been reset which is disappointing. Hopefully Nintendo will produce a statement on the matter. You can see exactly what has happened, below.





    1. Nope. See, the 3DS and Wii U were dumb systems with no good ideas. They do nothing better than the Switch /s

      Yea, I loved the Wii U’s activity log. Nintendo really should have re-envisioned the Play Journal Idea of Miiverse and combined it with the Album and maybe the Notes app on the 3DS and added the list of players you played with online. Would have been a nice little central area for looking back on your game-playing experiences.

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  1. Didn’t matter much anyway in games like Breath Of The Wild. Since it doesn’t show the EXACT amount of time. I was SO disgusted that the Witcher III on PS4 didn’t show the play time. I know my time on that game probably surpassed all other games. But I’ll never know. Now my file got deleted thanks to Assassin’s Creed Origins. My playtime on Super Mario Odyssey probably wasn’t even 20 hours before I moved on. I’m too lazy to look.


  2. This looks like a glitch to me, rather than it losing track of your playtime. Recall that Switch doesn’t show your playtime until I think 10 days after you first play the game. My guess is that Switch is looking back when you first played BotW, 1 year 0 days ago, and it’s looking at that days value but they forgot to tell it to look at the years, so it thinks you first played it 0 days ago, and shows you that instead of your playtime as if you really did first play it today. I would bet that in 10 days time it will go back to showing correct playtime for Breath of the Wild as if nothing happened. And will be an easy patch for Nintendo too.

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  3. But what will happen to Splatoon 2 and other future games such as Animal Crossing and Pokemon…I guess they will fix it sooner or later because of this

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  4. Perhaps Nintendo can fix this. In the meantime, I suggest that those who want to track playtime to take a photo of the playtime hours before March 3.


  5. This actually really bugs me. I love looking at other users’ hours when I add them as friends to see what games they’re into. Please, Nintendo, sort this.

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  6. Nintendo: Innovative yet horrible
    Nintendo cares about the game
    Nintendo cares about the console
    Nintendo doesn’t whats in the console
    I have lost faith on this company
    I’ll just buy a pc and play zelda there


  7. My over 600 hours are gone!? D: Well if I don’t replace my Switch, this will be a moot annoyance for me. But til I know for certain if I’m gonna get a new Switch or not, this annoys me right now. -.-


    1. Wait. Would them transferring my Nintendo Account ID & my digital purchases even carry over the play time of the games I played, too?


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