Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Italy: “There’s No Two Without Three”

The official Italian Nintendo Twitter account posted a very interesting tweet today, and it has generated a lot of buzz and speculation. A picture was tweeted with the caption “there’s no two without three”. A lot of people are speculating is that this is teasing a new Donkey Kong game on the Switch. Some also speculating even further that this may be the new Retro title that is in the works. Whatever it is, we will likely find out soon. In the meantime, we’ve included Nintendo Italy’s picture down below.



    1. That’ll make it a good opportunity for this sequel to have his spot without any negative issues that diminish its chance to gain popularity. This series deserves to recover the popularity that have in the SNES era.


  1. I really wanted a new IP from Retro but what if they’ve actually been working on TWO games? Think about it. One of the guys they hired wrote music for Deus Ex. I highly doubt they got him for Donkey Kong. Didn’t David Wise say he was working in Austin Texas again too? Two games don’t seem too far fetched now do they? 😉

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    1. It’s been known for nearly a decade that they have two development teams dedicated to different projects. Of course they’re working on two games. You don’t need to speculate to realize that.


    1. ||The entire point of the DKCR formula is to go back to its 2D roots of the original ones, it will never happen…||

      ||A 3D Donkey Kong will happen eventually however…||


    1. Indeed. It’s almost 20 years since Donkey Kong 64. Who knows, perhaps it will be released in 2019 to commemorate the 20 years of DK 64.


  2. After Smash Switch trailer and DKC Tropical Freeze for Switch trailer, I didn’t expect to have this post teasing a third DK game. Excellent news!

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  3. While I’m fine with whatever concerning Donkey Kong & Retro Studios, my preference would be a Donkey Kong Country Returns 3, like how the original Country games came in 3, THEN a Donkey Kong 64 like 3D platform game later on. No reason why DKCTF & a DKCR3 can’t co-exist when they came one year after the other. Hell! 3rd parties do it all the damn time with their yearly releases & those games tend to sell no better or worse than the game that came a year prior. Besides, DKCTF for Switch is a port being done by a different developer anyway so screw it!


  4. I’m seeing several comments hoping against it being a 3D platformer because they don’t want another DK64. It’s like, do you honestly think they’ll just copy the DK64 format with its overabundance of minigames?


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