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Japan: Atlus Lists Persona Q2 Platform As To Be Determined

Persona Q2 has always been listed for the Nintendo 3DS since development started, but that could well be changing. Atlus’s Persona series website now lists the title’s platforms as to be determined which is an interesting development. With the Nintendo Switch proving to be the dominant console for gamers in Japan could we be seeing Persona Q2 on both platforms? We shall have to wait and see.


12 thoughts on “Japan: Atlus Lists Persona Q2 Platform As To Be Determined”

  1. I have a gut feeling that ATLUS may soon bring Persona Q2 for the Nintendo Switch. I’m still ultra hyped for the flagship title Shin Megami Tensei V for the Switch.

    1. fuck you i dont have nintendo switch , only have 3ds
      you have a lots of money i dont have
      i will be jealous you
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  2. I would like it if persona 6 were to come to Switch. If it can run on a ps3 and like alright, then it should be doable (Don’t bring up cell architecture as a counterpoint, the damn thing can run on x86 easily)

  3. The 3DS is definitely on it’s way out (no one is doubting that.) The real question is will it be replaced with a new handheld or will the Switch, a portable home console and not a true handheld, be the replacement? Til either E3 2018 or E3 2019, we won’t know the answer to that question yet as only Nintendo truly knows what Nintendo will do. Some will argue the Switch is the replacement for 3DS and Wii U while others will argue a new handheld will be replacing the 3DS in the next year. NO ONE knows for sure and only have guesses. Some are educated guesses, sure, but still guesses. But in this day & age, apparently a lot of people on the internet think they are an expert so they will vehemently argue that you are wrong to refute their “expertise.”

    1. Thank you. And its no earlier then E3 2019 that Nintendo will tell. The 3DS is getting a new Mario & Luigi game in 2019, thats 1st party. My guesses have been right so far. But you have the most proven point. I predict 4DS in November 2K19.

    2. i for one still will prefer the 3ds to the switch and i know fanboys are going to say are you mad or silly comments like what’s a 3ds? everybody has their own likes an dislikes and should’t be shunned for it, no matter what you enjoy be it xbox ,playstation, nintendo or pc (moblie phones don’t count as they are NOT consoles!) not up for debate.

    3. The people that would know would be the developers. They know about hardware before anyone else.

      Now, what hardware are all the typical Nintendo handheld supporting developers, that didn’t make home console games mind you, developing for? It’s really not that hard.

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