Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Applies For Zelda Triforce Trademark

Nintendo has recently applied to have the iconic The Legend of Zelda Triforce trademarked. The trademark is for use in its video game programs on consoles, such as the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, and also smartphones.

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  1. I keep getting a congratulations notice every time I want to read the post saying about to choose from one of the wheels gift or some bullcrap. When is this site going to get fixed where I don’t have to click on anything when only to read a full article? Thanks for reading.

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    1. That’s really strange, I have followed this site for like 6 or 7 years and there’s never been annoying things that stop me from reading it normally. You should check if the problem is not from your device.

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      1. I’ve had this occur to me on mobile (Android,Chrome browser) as well. It happens so often that the site becomes unnavigable.


      2. Just happened to me today when going into this article. Mobile on Chrome as well as Link Bubble.
        So it seems it’s mobile no matter the browser one of the ads must have some bad code.


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