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CIRCLE Entertainment Announces It Is Bringing A Dark Room To Nintendo Switch

New games just keep on coming for the Nintendo Switch and the latest is A Dark Room which is being published by CIRCLE entertainment. Amir Rajan helped bring the original browser-based game to mobile platforms and it proved to be a top-seller. A Dark Room will be coming sometime this year for the Nintendo Switch.

“An innovative text-based adventure originally created by Michael Townsend as a browser-based game, A Dark Room would go on to be a top-seller on smart devices after its adaptation by Amir Rajan. Visually it is simple, presenting text and cues with limited visual flourishes, but the experience that takes shape is full of depth and environmental storytelling. It is a game that draws players in, allowing them to imagine the intriguing world in their own way.

“awake. head throbbing. vision blurry. come light the fire.”

What starts as a dark room with limited interactive options evolves into a complex story and resource management challenge.

The narrative will take players in unexpected directions, for what could be one of the most unique experiences on Nintendo Switch. Amir Rajan has been working on the Switch version in order to adapt the game’s unique style to best suit Nintendo’s device, and has said the following for this announcement.”

“I have a profound love for gaming and want to push the medium to new artistic heights. Get ready to escape into a world I’ve painstakingly painted with 1s and 0s.”

Source: PR



  1. I could be wrong but this doesn’t seem like the type of game some, if not most, Nintendo gamers would be interested in. It sounds like it’s very story driven which is something some Ninty gamers abhor.


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