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Fans Of King K. Rool Came Together To Send Sakurai A Thank You Letter For Including The Character In Smash Ultimate

King K. Rool’s debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is something that was requested by a lot of fans for a long time. In fact, so many fans wanted him, that King K. Rool’s fans have collaborated on a letter to Sakurai that thanks him for bringing the character to the game. We’ve included a tweet relaying the news down below, so feel free to check it out.

33 thoughts on “Fans Of King K. Rool Came Together To Send Sakurai A Thank You Letter For Including The Character In Smash Ultimate”

    1. I %100 percent agree, I think Waluigi should NOT be in Smash(despite my name) because he is a side character, and he wouldn’t be able to do anything except scream.

      1. sorry but i have to agree plus there’s enough mario reps as there is that vile franchise that will not be named “PORKYMAN” but i’m happy to see sakurai is a dev that listens to his fans which is really nice to know even if the poor guy over works himself he looks more and more frail each time we see him.

      2. Say the same to Daisy then… oh wait, she got in. Then the argument just goes higher; why the fuck not Waluigi too?

        1. Daisy isn’t truly in, though. She’s just a carbon copy of Peach with a few minor changes. Unless Waluigi fans want the same with him just being a carbon copy knockoff of Wario because that’s sadly what he’ll be if he gets in.

          1. I’d be 100% satisfied with Waluigi as an echo, as someone who genuinely wants him in.

            However, I think he should echo someone else. Dr Crygor should be Wario’s echo.

            1. I’ve wanted Ridley in ever since he appeared in the opening for Melee but I wouldn’t want his soul to be buried and be someone else’s knockoff. I’ve already been let down 3 times enough already with Ganondorf being a knockoff, so Ridley getting the same treatment would have been the end of my interest in Smash. I’m already bracing myself to be let down a 4th time as Ganondorf will most likely be a clone once more. And changing the name to Echo Fighter doesn’t change the fact they are still just knockoffs of someone else’s moveset. (Dark Pit makes sense, though, since he IS a clone of Pit, so I got no issue with him.) Hopefully custom movesets are a thing online & Ganondorf has some custom moves that aren’t Captain Falcon moves. (Don’t really remember his custom moves on Smash 4.)

        2. Because Daisy is tough, and Waluigi is a wimp. Also Sakurai needs to show fans they can’t bully him into doing their bidding.

    2. As someone who likes Waluigi as a character I agree with you.
      Personally Waluigi wasn’t even on my top priority playable character but even when they showed him as an assist character I was ok about it.

      I don’t really understand why those people are upset about this saying that this Smash is the worst one only because there isn’t Waluigi

  1. Just a little “thank you” every once in a while could lift the burden he goes through. We need more of this instead of senseless death threats and insatiability.

  2. Good job. It’s about time fans stopped begging and started thanking. However it’s sad that it took Sakurai giving fans their almost every whim and fancy to do it.

    Let’s focus on the positive though. Good job, K. Rool fans, for being polite, civil, and most of all, grateful. Never take your favorite character’s inclusion for granted.

    1. Man, I’d LOVE to see Geno in Smash. Though he wasn’t really a living character so-to-speak. It was just a doll that some star spirit (or whatever it’s called) jumped into, and it came to life. Mallow was technically the only real living character in that game (if I remember correctly). Though his attacks weren’t as exciting.

  3. I am glad they did this. I didn’t know about it but I had already sent Nintendo a few emails thanking them for King K. Rool’s inclusion into Smash Bros.

  4. Not gonna lie, but I can’t help but feel Geno’s gonna get in. Wasn’t there a Forest Maze remix in the Geno Mii costume reveal? Why would they go through the trouble to remix it for that one reveal?

    And that his story mode role is stopping Bowyer again, and he can disable your A or B button moves.

    If I’m wrong, oh well. Nothing to back it up, so if any of this is right (Doubt it,) it just shows anyone can make blind reasonable guesses and call it a leak.

    1. It’s possible. They cleared whatever red tape to get him in Sm4sh (and yet omitted him from M+L:SS+BM) and most the Mii costumes were made for highly requested characters… And we got Chrom, K.Rool, and Inklings so far…. It’s honestly never looked more possible for ol’ Geno.

      1. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure the Forest Maze remix used to promote the costume is the same remix that’s dummied out of Smash Bros. Brawl. But then that just raises the question of why they’d use unused music to promote something if they weren’t planning on using it later.

        I’m seeing another thank you letter coming if another “high tier wish list” character gets confirmed.

      2. UPDATE: rewatched, they just used the original Forest Maze music in Geno’s reveal, making my past few posts pointless.

        Misremembering stinks.

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