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Your Cloud Saves Will Be Erased When Your Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Expires

Nintendo provided further details about the Nintendo Switch Online service yesterday during the Nintendo Direct presentation. One thing that has been spotted with regards to cloud saves is that once your subscription expires, or you cancel, you will lose you cloud saves and they will be erased. Sony locks its cloud saves behind the PS+ membership but they are kept for around 6 months or so. Microsoft offers free cloud saves without an Xbox Live subscription. So you’ll need to keep your Nintendo Switch Online subscription up if you want to keep your saves backed up online otherwise you will lose your cloud saves.

Q. After my Nintendo Switch Online subscription expires, will my Save Data Cloud files and Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online save data be erased?

A. Save data stored with Save Data Cloud cannot be kept outside of the duration of your Nintendo Switch Online membership. Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online also uses the Save Data Cloud, so the same applies. However, if you keep the Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online save data saved locally on your Nintendo Switch console, then you can use it again if you purchase another membership.

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65 thoughts on “Your Cloud Saves Will Be Erased When Your Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Expires”

  1. They should keep them for something like year before erasure. Some of these kids will be in college or high school, they may not have the funds to immediate renew their subscription. Some will have to wait until christmas, or birthdays etc…

      1. $20 for one full year of service… or $1.66 a month. How in the hell did you purchase the console and a game in the first place? The cost of those together would pay for service for 17.5 years.

    1. There are different prices for like monthly and so on…
      Kids today need to learn how to save up and get a part time job if old enough, or earn the money by doing chores… yes EARN it like i used to do it when i was a kid.
      Kids today get offended by anything and are all “depressed” so they can’t do a thing…. 🤔

      1. it’s not about the $20 it’s the fact that they immediately delete your stuff if you don’t stay constant and don’t say o back in my day i had a job you act like like you never had times when big bills came in and you had to tighten your belt when it comes to spending maybe on your list your gaming is a top priority but not every else is dedicated to that and what they deserve to have something very easily stored deleted because a company is being a jerk. Also the way inflation has be going the younger generations have had to work harder than you to get less so in fact we have EARNED IT MORE SO THAN YOU.

      2. Lars, you can’t say you didn’t know this was coming. Nintendo announced this before the console even launched and even said the premium service would start late in 2019. $20 for one full year of service… or $1.66 a month. How in the hell did you purchase the console and a game in the first place? The cost of those together would pay for service for 17.5 years. Just don’t drink 3 starbucks coffees one week and there you have your subscription for another year. This is legit first world problems.

      3. Ryan Rousch as i said it’s not about the price it’s the fact that if you are late they give you no grace period before they delete your cloud save which they could easily hold onto at least for a month. For instance if I let my World of Warcraft time run out they don’t immediately delete my characters just because my time ended. If you must know i don’t drink Starbucks 3 times a week i have more important things that my money goes into first for instance my car, 401k, and medical but by all means assume my priorities aren’t where they are supposed to be because i think a company has poor cash grab subscription policy that seems to put their consumers under the gun.

  2. For everyone complaining about Nintendo’s take on cloud saves the simple solution is to just take care of your Switch. Cloud saves shouldn’t even matter if you do that and I couldn’t care less about them.

    1. so what happens if the switch has a console upgrade mid generation or if you wanted a switch special edition that has a different color for a trade in?

      1. I also find it funny that people would defend this when the nintendo switch a mobile platform. Of course it’s more susceptible to damages because you’re out in public. The argument would of been much stronger if you couldn’t carry this console around like the gamecube, wii, or wii u. It’s just like dropping a phone. If the phone breaks and is not functioning any more I have google and icloud to retrieve my information.

      2. Not all of us can afford multiple of the same system I was lucky to afford 1 and I can’t speak for everyone but I never trade systems in or sell them in fact I don’t even see why anyone does it because sure the system will get outdated eventually but are you really gonna throw away your collection just to get the next big thing when you can just save up for it and still retain the system you already love?

  3. I mean… if like you loose your Switch in the sea or something else that devastates it, and you like only have one week left of the subscription, but you can’t afford a new Switch before a few months or something. Then you will actually just have to pay for them not deleting your save and get nothing else out of it. It’s seriously like a hostage situation…

  4. Nothing of value is being added by this online service.

    What they’re actually doing is just making people pay to play online. There WAS NO cloud backup, chatting online is pointless, and you can play the NES library on any other console or emulator. Also NES games with online play is pure niche.

    After this takes effect, many of us will have to give up on Splatoon 2, Luigi’s Balloon World, and ARMS Party Crash(s).

    1. Dude, you need to calm down. I know the service is not very good, but your bursts of anger are really annoying. Also, stop insulting others, you sound like a 12-year-old.

      1. 1. Calm down? I will either tomorrow or whenever I stop hearing shitty news and start hearing some actual good news concerning Nintendo’s stupidity with online.

        2. I don’t care if someone is getting annoyed. It’s the internet so it’s as easy as just not reading a person’s comments. Simple.

        3. Stop insulting others? Refer to 1.

      2. +Infinite Ridley
        I really hope you don’t act like this around your children, if this is all it takes you get you over the edge, I dread to think what Fatherhood could do to you.

      3. Even in these comments I can see the liberal vs conservative divide in here which is why a lot of points are ignored. The liberal side has this BIG button called EMOTIONS which they use a boko club and repeatedly wack it. Hopefully their club breaks which is why we have Trump. It’s not that the election was hacked it’s that Americans are growing SICK of the media and communist BS hidden in all our laws that control us not help us.

  5. Now that’s just false advertising!
    They said our cloud saves would be SAFE on the cloud!

    What if somebody forgets to renew their subscription, or didn’t have time to renew one!?

    1. No, they said it was safe WITH Nintendo Switch Online. If you subscription expires, you wouldn’t have it anymore, would you? People really are blowing this out of proportion.

      1. The SMART thing to do would be to keep those cloud saves in STORAGE until somebody renews their subscription!
        What you’re saying is no excuse for this amount of stupidity!

        1. Of course Nintendo wouldn’t do what Sony & Microsoft is smart enough to do: keep cloud saves in storage, tied to your account, for if you ever renew your subscription. Nintendo either didn’t do this because they wanted to be different from the competition or because they didn’t research what others were doing.

      2. +Infinite Ridley
        Believe it or not, I actually agree Nintendo should keep the saves in storage when your subscription expires but I also believe people are blowing this to be a way bigger problem that it actually is and here’s why
        For starters, assuming you do lose your cloud saves, when you renew your subscription, you can simply re-backup your saves.
        Secondly, the only way for this to be disastrous would be if something were to happen to your Nintendo Switch AND at the same time you subscription would expire. But even then, all paid online services let you renew via the website so you likely won’t even need your Nintendo Switch to renew it. Hell, most people these days set up what we call direct debits so the money is automatically taken out and your subscription is renewed and you won’t even have to remember unless you lose track of your own money which if you do is your own fault and not Nintendo’s.
        What’s more is if you go to the Nintendo Online FAQ page, they straight up confirm they do have a auto-renewal service so as long as you set that up, you will be fine so long as you put the money aside.

    1. Dude, I really don’t think sharing a video that has a man’s face ripped off is a good idea. The people on this thread are right, you REALLY need to chill out.

      1. I don’t see anything wrong with the Face/Off video clip. An awesome John Travolta/Nicolas Cage film, by the way! If they (or you) don’t like seeing stuff like that, may I suggest a place like Nintendo Life where I’m sure people like me are policed by people with the same overprotective mindset as the dipshits at Nintendo?

      2. +Infinite Ridley
        I agree it’s a good movie, I’ve seen it myself several times but given Nintendo tends to attract the softhearted, this could be disturbing.
        And actually dude, Nintendo Life is about the same as here, you go to any page about the paid online you will find tons of people arguing against the concept so really, it doesn’t matter which site you choose.

    1. Now that you mention it, this worries me that there won’t be an auto-renew feature for their online. If there is no auto-renew feature, it will be just another thing Nintendo overlooked when they were coming up with their own paid online service. :/

      1. Nintendo ALWAYS ruins online services. They tried this with the SNES called BS Satellite (I think the BS you know what it means) :) It wounded up flopping though it was the best one done as the N64 DD never even got anywhere and the Gamecube online service didn’t either.

  6. This is terrible. Both Xbox and Playstation offer cloud saves and if your subscription runs out they just aren’t accessible until you reactivate. I can understand if the subscription is off for a substantial amount of time but to have it lapse and not have even a moment of time to reactivate and keep your stuff is ridiculous. Why must Nintendo always have so many roadblocks preventing them from getting on the same level as the competition? All they have to do is look at their competitor’s online services for a while to see exactly how to make an online console. I really hope Nintendo figures this out soon, they can’t be the underdog forever, especially with a console that’s doing so well.

  7. This is what Quicken Books did in 2010. If you don’t pay them money every year they will start erasing your records. We found out the hard way and went to Linux Mint that has a books program where its’ not as good as Quicken Books but does just enough but requires more learning curve. The latest Mint update is AWFUL and made a lot of things not work likely because of Microsoft buying out Git Hub (the central system for Linux). There is a better Linux OS we are using now called Zoran almost sounds like Zora from Nintendo. I call it the fish OS. It’s made from a garage like back when the computing industry was new and fun before the global bankers took over and call the shots.

    The Bush era a lot of independent companies got bought out by bigger companies being bought out by global insurance firms/banks.etc whom ONLY look at dollar symbols. That is $$$$$$ symbols. These would be the people that would work in the financial department and they now run the company and call the shots.

  8. However the only thing positive about Microsoft buying out Git Hub is that Linux can NOW run directly Windows Steam games. Before you had to do Play on Linux which was hit or miss and didn’t always work out. A major game that people can play now is ETS 2 which before required a lot of weird setting up to get working on Linux thru third party means.

    Now it’s suppose to work directly without doing anything weird.

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