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Rumour: A Number Of New Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters Could Have Leaked

The internet seems to be swarming with a potential leak for Super Smash Bros Ultimate this afternoon. A number of new characters appear to have found their way online. If you want the full details on how the leak was discovered then read this informative post over on Reset Era. For now these are the five new characters that could be included in the game which is due this December on the Nintendo Switch system.


  • Shadow
  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Isaac
  • Ken
  • Mach Rider
  • Geno
  • Chorus Kids


122 thoughts on “Rumour: A Number Of New Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters Could Have Leaked”

  1. I’m surprised people want shadow in smash, sonic is probably the most annoying character in smash bros and adding shadow would just bring some more edgy kids to smash.

    1. I want Shadow in because all of the other characters I wanted are either reconfirmed or unlikely. While I love and appreciate all the new characters added to Smash none are characters I would play as in a serious match, I did like Sonic back in the Brawl days so I figured Shadow might be a more powerful version witch I wouldn’t mind although neither would be like my main characters.

      1. I don’t know why people don’t pick Tails as Sonic’s echo. I mean… that’s what he was originally in the Sonic Games (in gameplay terms) with the exception that he could fly.

        Plus it’d save us from getting yet another “Dark/Black” echo of a main fighter.

    1. lol, somehow I was thinking “The Binding of Isaac” and was like “no chance this is true”.
      I’m still not convinced that it is, but I guess Golden Sun is at least more likely than The Binding of Isaac.

      1. That’s exactly the reason he has to be in Ultimate, people are forgetting him ๐Ÿ˜ž. I like all the characters, but having Isaac and a good stage for him would be a dream coming true.

  2. Reason: None of these leaked characters are that hype tbh. Simon, Ridley were super hype, I’m sure they have something to top all of it at the end, like goku

    1. ???

      That’s your own opinion. Many people are very hyped for these characters. And that’s not at all a reason to assume it’s fake. And you can’t seriously think that Goku is getting into Smash.

    2. Idk how people seriously want Goku in Smash. But most of the characters on the list are hype like no other. The amount of people wanting all of those characters is unreal. If they get announced, it will break the internet.

      1. Well, Goku voice actor says he hasn’t been approach by Nintendo yet to record his lines for the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. So, i don’t think Goku will appear in the game.

    3. “None of these leaked characters are that hype tbh”

      Either you’re trolling or your ignorance is astounding.

      1. Or they aren’t to him personally. All the characters are nostalgia wants. so if you don’t have that nostalgia, you’re not going to care

    4. With my 100% honestly I can say I’m not hyped about that chrocus or corus or whatever is the name but that character with kids. I never played a single game.

      Same goes for Mach Rider. I didn’t know this character until today but one thing I can say it’s the music of this character is cool.

      I know a little about Golden Sun so I’m not hyped about Isaac but I’m happy for the people who is asking for him since Brawl and damm those people have waited for 10 years.

      The rest of the characters makes me hyped.

      Still hoping for Bandana Dee anyway

    5. Speak for yourself Mr. X, I’m Grunty and I am hyped for my Banjo-Kazooie and that’s the facts. If he is in then prepare for online battle and get attacked.

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  4. I’m really hoping Isaac from Golden Sun is true. Maybe this could lead to more Golden Sun games and we can see what was supposed to happen after the cliff hanger.

    1. It’s going to go down like the ESRB leak for Smash 4. A lot of people won’t want to believe it because of personal reasons (usually because their most wanted didn’t get in) and try to debunk it (remember when Shulk was “proved” to be an edited Lil Mac?).

      Nah, this has all the classics signs of a final smash bros roster.

      1. This. Weirdos like Mach Rider and Chorus Kids in there pretty much solidifies it as real to me. With them plus some ballot picks and easy echoes, this is definitely the final roster.
        DLC’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

      1. Then people will still be disappointed because the final roster will have less characters than this and NOT have Banjo or Isaac

  5. Whether this leak is real or not confirms 1 of 2 things for me. If it’s real then, Nintendo applied the Golden Sun Trademark for his addition to Smash. If this leak is fake, then Nintendo likely applied the trademark for new Golden Sun Game. Nonetheless this leak does look promising. There’s no joke characters like Sans or Goku, so that’s more than good enough for me.

  6. I could see Geno happening. I remember in the wake of the DLC request surveys in smash 4 Ninty talked about how surprised they were that the character was so popular in the west.

    1. I always thought Karate Joe would be the best choice, but the more i think about it the chorus kids are making me really hype!

      1. Karate Joe would be a fantastic choice. My reasoning for Marshal is that he could represent the franchise as a whole, sort of like Game & Watch, Pacman.

    1. That guy is a fake. Trust me. He’ll no doubt backpedal in the next couple days and “explain” why Incineroar isn’t in. My guess he’ll take the easy route and say Incineroar MUST be DLC then.

      But yeah… Leaks are crazy easy to fake. Don’t believe anything that isn’t multiple photos like the ESRB leak or this. What seals the deal for this, imo, is the empty panoramic shot. I don’t think anyone who wanted to do a hoax like this would have thought about including an empty panoramic background.

      That said, I could be wrong. But it just has all the tell-tell signs of a Smash Lead (aside from the fact that Mach Rider has been speculated in the past)

  7. A part of me dosent want to belive this leak cuz it will only hurt more if its proven fake

    but if it ends up being real and not only we will have Geno but also BANJO AND KAZOOIE (not sure how likely it is for B&K to be in smash,RARE being owned by Microsoft and all) i will scream like a little fan girl

  8. These are fake, it looks like someone just made a list of characters that had fake leaks before. Chorus kids apparently were planned at one point, but I’m sure they just tossed that one in the list juat because

  9. Calling fake because why would Chorus Kids be chosen first over someone who’s been in every game like Karate Joe, Tap Trial Girl, or The Wandering Samurai? Because some fake leak from the previous game said so?

      1. Datamining revealed Rhythm Heaven has a symbol, but nothing’s attached to it. SwapNote also has a symbol, but in Ultimate, Nikki appears to not represent anything.

        I don’t see Chorus Kids getting in unless someone who’s actually been in every game is also in.

  10. It’s pathetic how everyone wants to prove these leaks are real and how far they’ll go to do it too. JUST FUCKING WAIT FOR AN OFFICIAL REVEAL YOU IMPATIENT ANIMALS!

  11. I feel B&K are now more then ever a strong candidate for Smash. What do we know is coming out probably next year? The N64 Classic. What games were a major part of its library that more then likely Nintendo would try and secure a distribution deal for? RareWare stuff. There is no way that meeting would have ended without them at least attempting to make a passing mention of wanting to put B&K in Smash and their appearance in Ultimate would be the perfect marketing for the N64, even more so if they were able to put some other assists/trophies/music from upcoming Rare games on it in Smash.

    All these “leaks” seem fine to me if true, I just hope they are in the main game and not DLC. I want this to be a true “Ultimate” all-in-one package experience. If they really want to do more DLC stuff, save it for the next fully-sequel game.

  12. Actually I am a little disappointed if no Travis Touchdown since it sounded like Suda really wanted to get him in, but Geno, the bear and the bird would fully make up for it.

  13. Most of these characters are already talked about. Although some characters like Skull Kid and Rayman are surprisingly left out. This is a big list in my opinion after all so some anticipated characters will have to be cut or delayed.

  14. I just don’t see Much Rider and Chorus Kids making it into Smash Bros. Especially Chorus Kids.
    But then again, I said the same thing about Duckhunt and Pacman.

    1. Why the check would ppl disbelieve Pac-man. I feel like maybe younger ppl or folks in general must have forgotten how Pac-man was a HUGE cultural phenomenon. Ppl had Pac-man fever for God’s sake!! With Namco on board too. I’m still till this day more surprised by gamers being surprised that Pac-man deserved a slot.

        1. My dream Smash roster includes Spring Man (though my favorite character is Lola Pop and would much rather have her), the Nintendo Labo cardboard guy, a Yo-Kai Watch representative.

          Itโ€™s cool to see someone get everything they wished for though! :D

  15. >Another Sonic character
    Please don’t.
    As if.
    Would have been okay with this if we weren’t getting another Sonic/Sega character.
    >Mach Rider and Chorus Kids
    Would be cool.

      1. I only see a problem with it if he ends up being an echo instead of being more unique. Here’s hoping he has chaos powers to his movement similar to what you see in Sonic Battle on the GBA.

        1. Sadly we both know Shadow won’t be unique and will most likely be an Echo for Sonic much like how Simon Belmont’s descendant is his Echo. Or how Dark Samus is Samus Aran’s Echo. (Exactly why I wanted Ridley instead of Dark Samus all these years because I KNEW Sakurai wouldn’t make her unique. Least with Ridley, he’d be forced to give the character an original moveset.)

          1. For shame, because not only should Shadow’s running animation look a lot different, but I always saw him being a little slower than Sonic, but more powerful due to his unique chaos control abilities. It would just very wrong and out of place if he was almost the exact same.

    1. Reasons why I’m against a bulk of this:

      -Shadow doesn’t need to get in, because we only need one rep per 3rd-party series. Sure we have both Simon and Richter, but even Richter is an Echo Fighter, which is why I’m inclined to let his inclusion slide a bit. We didn’t even need Richter, but Sakurai threw him in there anyway just to complicate things.

      -Even if Shadow were to get, he would be an Echo Fighter, which creates a two-issue dilemma. You either have TWO full Sonic characters from the same 3rd-party game, or you make Shadow an echo to keep things even with Richter, but you also do Shadow a disservice by neglecting his unique Chaos abilities. Yes, it’s hard to choose a suitable Sonic character to be an echo, because each one (among the mobians (lack of a given name)) has unique abilities and isn’t just that. Games like Sonic Battle make it clear what Shadow can do when he isn’t just Sonic’s angsty doppelganger. However, since this series isn’t a stranger to putting different versions of existing characters in the roster, there is one character in the Sonic series, who’s been getting a lot of recent standalone treatment is perfect for the echo role: Classic Sonic. Need I say more?

      -The Chorus Kids. Out of anyone from the Rhythm Heaven series, why do people specially want this group of characters to be playable, over the protagonist and mascot of the series: Marshal. I hear it’s mainly for the gimmick of being able to control THREE characters, but be careful when asking for gameplay mechanics that Sakurai won’t be able to keep consistent for every future title in the series, or else we get absentees/cut veterans again. This is why we didn’t get the Ice Climbers in both versions of the last game. Just go with Marshal, he’s vaguely similar to any one of them as it is, not to mention that they can be worked into his moveset, coming from a series as random as Rhythm Heaven.

      -Ken, for the same reason as Richter.

      Other than that, I support everyone else.

      With all this disproportionate representation and emphasis on 3rd-party, is this still a Nintendo game, or just a game that Nintendo created/manages.

      Homer: If you build a balloon for every cartoon character you’ll turn the parade into a farce.

      Super Smash Bros. Popular! (Smash Flash with a price tag)

      1. One nitpick: Marshal was the mascot of Fever, not the whole series. The first game’s mascot was Samurai Drummer, then the next game had… the Frog Hop frogs, I guess… and Megamix had Tibby.

        If any Rhythm Heaven character’s getting in, it’ll be someone who’s actually been in every game. Karate Joe, The Wandering Samurai, the Tap Trial girl (She’s been on the title screens of the second and third games and playable in every game except the second) should be in before Chorus Kids get in, and even then, Wrestler (And Reporter?) are also strong candidates for a spot due to how popular Ringside is.

  16. Shadow, Isaac (Felix as an echo fighter), and Geno in Smash (if this is true)? Hell yes! (Crono would be great, too. Yeah, yeah. “There’s too many sword users!” I don’t give a shit! CRO-NO!!! CRO-NO!!! CRO-NO!!!)

  17. Mach Rider is my dream retro character, and I know there’s more people who would love her beign a playable character, Melee had a trophy, Brawl had a sticker and there’s already the classic music. So I would be happy if this is true.

    Also Banjo, Isaac and Ken? Yes please.

  18. Reblogged this on ๐Ÿ‘‘ GamerRoyalty ๐Ÿ‘‘ and commented:
    The leak itself isn’t all that convincing, Not to mention this looks too much of a fan-made roster. Even though this is the roster people want Ultimate to be, it’s just too good to end up being true.

    Another thing that bothers me about this leak, there isn’t even a mention of a Gen 7 Pokemon on here. The popular decisions on here being Incineroar and Decidueye, yet neither are mentioned at all in the list or in the banner.

    Usually, a leak like this wouldnโ€™t normally bother me, but itโ€™s a well known fact that: A. Sakurai and his team work extremely hard to include fan favorite characters like this and B. They work just as hard to make them a fun surprise. I feel most bad for Sakurai and his team right now, if this ends up being true.

    1. Not saying the leak is true or anything, but a new Pokemon rep isn’t exactly guaranteed. Many just seem to assume so.

  19. Maximiliano Juanรญ

    Mach rider well be cool!, i can imagine him as the Arale comic bike rider who lives all day in his motorcycle.
    I prefer old school gaming characters more like main streem media ones, but maybe its because im an old school 8 bit era gamer

  20. So, Sakurai said he was worried about not having enough character reveals left to keep up the hype until release. I take that to mean Newcomers with trailers as opposed to Echo Fighters. This list seems to include 2 Echoes and 5 Newcomers. FIVE is as many as weโ€™ve gotten for Ultimate so far. Iโ€™m expecting 2. Maybe 3 if weโ€™re really lucky.

  21. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest witch of all? What?!! No one is prettier than me, then I’ll steal her looks then ugly she’ll be. Don’t fight and scratch my little bear, you’ll soon need bigger underwear!!!

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