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Physical Edition Of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Confirmed For North America And Europe

It turns out the Amazon listing was correct and that we are getting a physical edition for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes on the Nintendo Switch. That’s not all as we are also getting a season pass for the game which comes with the physical edition and grants you access to the game’s downloadable content. Nintendo will distribute the physical edition.



  1. Well, good thing we still get physical editions. I know that I won’t be buying games as much and as often when all is digital.
    Steam for exampel; I rarely buy games there nowadays. I do play games there and I have quite a hefty wishlist, but what’s the rush when it’s digital? I mean, if I want a physical Vita-game – in Norway – I better pre-order it the day it shows up, or else I won’t get it. Same with most Collector’s Editions here.

  2. im getting no more heroes 3 (it’s what i call it) as im only having 20 games for my switch and that’s it. i already made my list of what i want and once i beat a game or get bored of it i sell it and use the money for a new game.
    i was given the tumors of let’s go hld your hand pikacrap and fluffy the fox from work just put them both up for sale as i hate that series with a passion and gave the money to charity

  3. G;ad to hear it comes with the DLC. Hopefully we get a nice reversible cover and maybe a pack-in item. Makes me happy when they take the time to enhance a purchase, even if it’s just with collectible cards or something.

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