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Eurogamer: Crash Team Racing Remaster Could Be Unveiled At Game Awards 2018

You may have seen that PlayStation Access presenter Hollie Bennett teased the following photo which is related to The Game Awards 2018 on Twitter.ย 

They are Crash Bandicoot coloured dice that would normally be hung up in a car on the rearview mirror. Eurogamer understands that the tease is “the real deal” and will be shown off by Activision during the awards which are happening on Thursday evening. It might be a timed PS4 exclusive like the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.


9 thoughts on “Eurogamer: Crash Team Racing Remaster Could Be Unveiled At Game Awards 2018”

      1. And we’re still waiting for Spyro.

        Well once they finish Team Racing, we’ll be done with ALL the good Crash and Spyro games.

  1. Of course it will be timed exclusive to the PS4. Before Activision owned Crash, it was a PlayStation exclusive. Honestly, I think it’s less about Sony paying for timed exclusive rights and more about Activision showing some common courtesy to Crash’s original home. If Microsoft didn’t have their own console back then, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Nintendo systems got first dibs on Banjo & Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Conker, etc releases before PlayStation did.

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