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A Fire Emblem Spirit Board Event Will Take Place In Smash Ultimate Starting December 21st

It seems that Spirit Board events will be making a frequent appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo has announced that the next 3-day Spirit Board event will begin on December 21st. The event is called “Fire Emblem Fest Part 1”. As the name suggests, Fire Emblem characters will be the theme of the event. You will be able to earn extra SP., but there is one thing that Nintendo wants you to know. Some of the spirits that will be appearing in part 1 will change for part 2. The official tweet announcing the event can be seen down below.


    1. Oh stop it. Just stop it. I’m sick of everyone and their mother complaining about the inclusion of Fire emblem characters. Do people really hate them, or is it just because they didn’t grow up with them? I didn’t grow up with Fire emblem either, but they earned my respect. I for one an glad we finally got Chrom. I would rather have more Fire emblem characters than more Sonic characters, at least Fire emblem didn’t try to kill Nintendo. In fact, there are three more Fire emblem characters I wouldn’t mind seeing playable in Smash bros., but for now, we have enough.

      1. I think its because of how randomly and rapidly we got Characters from the Series. When other older reps series like Zelda, Kirby, etc were left out on new guys.

      2. You’re missing the point. Fire Emblem may be popular but we were forced into carbon copies (characters hardly anyone knew btw) Marth and Roy were essentially the same character in Melee. Then we got Chrom, who’s an echo of Roy. and Lucina… who’s an echo of Marth. “Stop it. Just stop it.”

      3. I grew up with Fire Emblem. It’s now my favorite Nintendo franchise. Easily the best they have. Nothing else combines the amazing risk/reward, characters and their lore and interactions, amazing music, great storytelling (usually) and incredible replay-ability. Besides, every character in the smash deserves their place:

        Marth – The first Fire Emblem character and the flagship character of the series.
        Roy – 4th most popular Fire Emblem character ever according to the FE Heroes poll.
        Ike – The no.1 most popular Fire Emblem character ever according to the FE Heroes poll.
        Chrom – The main character from the Fire Emblem game that saved the series from extinction.
        Lucina – The other main lord from Awakening, and the 3rd most popular FE character ever.
        Robin – A mage character rather than a true sword-wielder, player character of Awakening.
        Corrin – The main and player character from the best-selling game(s) in the series, also a dragonstone user.

        Looking at the list and reasoning, it’s clear all the characters deserve their place.

        It’s also worth noting that:
        a) Two of these characters are echoes, so there’s only really 5 FE characters, but even then Chrom and Lucina are by far the most unique echo fighters in the game.
        b) Fire Emblem is a massive series that started on the NES in 1990, is even more popular today being promoted to a major Nintendo IP, has 16 main series games, over 500 characters, and Heroes is Nintendo’s most profitable mobile game. In Japan, it also has its own trading card game and is getting its own expo. It also had an anime briefly.
        c) Mario has 10 characters (if you include Yoshi), Pokemon has 8 (10 if Pokemon trainer counts as 2). Fire Emblem only having 7 is kind of about right I think. Though one more from Three Houses who isn’t a sword wielder, or a trio of Eliwood Lyn and Hector wouldn’t hurt.
        d) Most Fire Emblem games are not interconnected, like in Final Fantasy each game usually stands alone. So unlike Zelda, there needs to be a lot of characters to properly represent the series.
        e) I’ve played almost every series represented in smash. In my opinion, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem and Zelda are my favorites. Nothing else really compares. Fire Emblem is especially very repayable, challenging, and has amazing gameplay, storytelling (usually) and characters and one of the best risk/reward mechanics ever.

        (In case you’re wondering who the 2nd most popular FE character is, it’s Lyn. She’s an assist trophy.)

      4. @N64EVER I can see where you’re coming from, but…

        a) Roy and Marth feel about almost as distinct as Mario and Luigi these days. They’ve changed since Melee.

        b) Fire Emblem is the third series in Smash to have this ‘problem’ of too many samey characters:
        – Melee: Mario, Luigi, Dr. Mario.
        – Brawl: Fox, Falco, Wolf.
        – Smash4: Marth, Lucina, Roy.

        c) Marth and Roy have sweet spots, and lots of players (like Zero) prefer consistency over potential. So it’s almost necessary for Marth and Roy to have echoes.

        Personally, in a roster with over 70 characters, I’m actually relieved some of them play similarly.

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