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Rumour: Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2.0 Patch Coming Soon

A known leaker has discovered that we could be getting a new patch for the popular Super Smash Bros Ultimate very soon. Nintendo hasn’t announced anything just yet, but the patch could contain Piranha Plant and some additional balance changes. If anything is announced we shall let you know.

21 thoughts on “Rumour: Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2.0 Patch Coming Soon”

    1. It’s the same online all fighting games share, so probably won’t change much in the future. I think they should maybe make free for all server based as that isn’t super competitive to begin with

      1. I have no problems with connection. I’m talking about the way you actually enter a match. There’s no way to switch characters in between matches for example

      1. Still more single-player offerings than Smash Wii U. I find myself going back to World of Light and Spirit Board pretty frequently; I NEVER went back to Classic Mode or Master Orders in Wii U.

  1. Nice! I hope before version 2.0 comes, some significant content will be added. And guys, make sure your old replays have a backup, just in case. This Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2.0 Patch is kinda exciting and the same time alarming. Happy gaming!

  2. I just want them to add in video capture. I hate saving replays, converting them, editing them, taking out my SD card. finding that convoluted folder location, transferring it to my computer and putting the SD back in my switch. It’s such an overly long process. not counting the fact that half the time i fail to save replays after the fight because i miss out on pressing “Y” on the results screen at the right time.

  3. It needs a patch so that you can select different characters for rematches and also not automatically changing the chosen colour of your character SO many times when you are playing rematches.

    1. Yeah, in Smash 4 I liked to use a different character for each match. I’m guessing that the reason they lock in your character choice is because they’re doing matchmaking based on your GSP with that particular character.

  4. I’m happy with the game how it is.
    Still busy doing the story mode on normal and it has some hard part’s in it that can take me an hour before i master it.

    I was planning 2 buy the Mario game in January, but I still have soooo much content left in Smash it’s just stupid for me to invest 60 bucks again since I already owned all Top Nintendo AA games on Wii U in the past.

    Gonna play Smash till End March when Yoshi comes out and hopefully when get Animal crossing or Fire emblem this summer.

    I NEED A SUMMER GAME NINTENDO, not like last year with nothing. It’s portable and need software when I’m outside

    HURRY UP !

  5. When something is patched to Ver. 2.0, that usually means massive changes are part of it, including and up to new characters. Remember ARMS went to 2.0 with the addition of Max Brass, 3.0 with Lola Pop, 4.0 with Misango, and finally 5.0 with Dr. Coyle, all within half a year. On top of that, each patch came with other big changes, like the ability to remap controls or the addition of badges. Smash Ultimate could well be following that model.

  6. More modes, better online (I didn’t have many issues so far but still,) maybe some more alternate colors for characters beyond the current 8, etc. An update like this needs to bring some massive changes even if they are just 2 or 3 changes.

  7. Don’t think you can call it a rumour anymore, just got a notification in-game about 2.0 coming, I wasn’t paying attention so I only noticed it for a split second.

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