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US: Mario Kart 8 Is The Second Best-Selling Racer Of All-Time

The NPD Group has revealed on Twitter that the excellent Mario Kart 8 and Deluxe is the now the second best-selling racing game of all-time in the United States. You are probably wondering which game is the all-time best-selling racing game in the United States? That would be Mario Kart Wii.



  1. No doubt, Mario Kart 8 is indeed awesome. It’s one of the best racing games to date. I just wish for some new DLC tracks or maybe new characters. And Mario Kart Wii was available for many consoles. The new game will find it hard to catch up.

  2. I do love 8 Deluxe, but Wii still has it beat in regards to roster quality (half the roster weren’t pointless baby characters) and consistent mechanics (I mean, in MK7 and onwards, karts can drive underwater but only on some tracks? I was very surprised the first time I played Daisy Hills in 7 and dove into the water knowing about the new mechanic only to find myself getting fished out).

    1. Well obviously you have to folkow the track… If you fall into water off the track it’s no difference to driving off the track or simply falling off the track. The water needs to be part of the main track otherwise it’s counted as out of bounds.

  3. I hope in Mario kart 9 something like Gran turismo style. No antigravity, no underwater, more realistic Travis and karts. Yes Arcade gameplay but garage with buying karts, upgradable kart parts. Some secret upgrades in hard to find track passages. Upgradable weapons and weapon customization in garage. Weapon combinations like: banana + green shell = motion trigger shell trap. Mario kart need rpg element (Please god for singleplayer).

    1. Mario kart is what it is and everyone loves it for that reason. It certainly won’t go down the realistic route as you say, but the customisable karts etc could be deeper and more involving, like designing your own karts with logos and colours etc.

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