Aron Tager, The Voice Of Cranky Kong In The Donkey Kong Country TV Show, Has Passed Away At The Age Of 84

Aron Tager has been in the world of television for decades. He has made a ton of appearances on various shows and commercials, and he has voiced a large variety of cartoon characters since the early 90s. One of those cartoons was Donkey Kong Country, where he was the voice behind Cranky Kong. Sadly, Tager passed away on February 28th at the age of 84. A funeral for Tager will be held on March 9th.


    1. Yeah remember what happen to iwata the former Nintendo of japan president who died of a bile duct tumor right?. The mods made a news about that sometime ago.

  1. Rest in peace, Aron Tager.

    No one has ever voice acted Cranky Kong as brilliant as you Sir!

    His performance in Donkey Kong Country was truly exceptional.

    And if anyone ever played Konami’s RPG for the Nintendo DS called Suikoden Tierkreis, he’s also the voice actor of Macoute.

  2. I never knew who this man was up until now, but to me, he WAS Cranky’s OTVA (One True Voice Actor), which is a rarity with video game IPs.

    Nintendo, start voicing your characters before its too late.

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