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Video: Pokemon Sword And Shield Launches Worldwide 15th November

Today, the Pokemon Company gave everyone an extensive look at the next mainline Pokemon title for Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Sword and Shield. The game, which features towns and is set in an open world, will have a worldwide launch on 15th November.


      1. Nonsense, if the didn’t get pulled in by Let’s Go ( which is a game directed at them ) then they can stay the fuck away – I’m tired of seeing such stupid gimmicks in new games. What happened to Mega Evolutions? I would love to see more of these than this crap. At least we don’t have Z-Crystals, so it’s a fair trade off IMHO

  1. Dynamax is the only thing I am not looking forward to. They clearly are catering to Pokemon GO fans, which is fine, but this doesn’t seem to have any substance other than that. I don’t care about its origin in the Pokemon lore or anything; it’s clearly meant to replicate the Pokemon GO raids. I am on-board for co-op play as well as the concept of raids in a Pokemon game.

    I will hold out until I see just how much strategy can go into these Dynamax raid battles. It would suck if it’s random matchmaking-only like Mario Maker 2 though…

  2. The idea of raids are cool, but they should be reserved for legendary/mythic or particularly powerful full-evolutions. Seeing a starter transform into some giant-form is kinda dumb.

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