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Rumour: Next Pokemon Direct Could Happen 31st August

The Pokemon Company has potentially revealed the date for the next Pokemon Direct. In the Pokemon Sword and Shield debut video the company showed the main character with a shirt with 227 printed on it and that was the date of the Direct, 27th February. In the Pokemon Direct yesterday, the main character had a shirt with 65 on it which was the date. Twitter user ActualAero spotted that the Gym Leader Milo sported the numbers 831, which means that there’s a good possibility that a new Pokemon Direct could happen on 31st August!


  1. Or it could be nothing and you guys are reading into something not even there, i could be a reference to something else or it could be the main character being 227.

  2. Honestly I don’t think we need another direct. They’ve shown enough and I fear another direct will show too much. Like one last trailer showing the bad guys maybe but I miss the days of discovering what a game offers by playing it

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